Chrisnawati Novia Puspitasari. All my friends get used to call me Sari actually, but if you prefer call me Chris, it's fine with me. I graduated as a fashion designer from Lasalle College International Jakarta, but now my work-life is turning into a different path with fashion. I'm okay with it as long as i can still walk with fashion in variety aspects. Become a blogger is a blessing which i can't imagine now. Hopefully i can inspire more.
I'm Sagitarian. Proud mom of two dogs, named Hugo and Kanye. Most of you know me as a cat lover. I do. But, probably i love dogs even more. I eat a lot, my fave dessert or drinks are anything with chocolate, choco lava, iced chocolate, hot chocolate, you name it. I love ice cream and yoghurt.
I'm a designer. I have Sphere Society, which is my new clothing brand, which established in August 2015. You can check it out by clicking the "shop here" menu at my front page blog.
I have struggle to mingle with people sometime, but when i'm in and hang out with people, i'll be the most laugh-able person on earth.


Established in May 2013. Never thought that this blog could ever had its readers. Thank you for all of you who made time to read this blog.
This is gonna be my journal, especially for my daily outfits, daily inspirations, or what ever i like to write, it can be beauty product reviews, foodporns, songs, or my travel experiences. And in a mean time, this blog has tendency in fashion. Chris+Novia is fully supported by my mom, dad, and my sister as they are my-anytime-photographer for my daily outfits. Cheers to them.
So hopefully you enjoy read my blog more <3


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