Changing hair color is something that i always excited about. If you have been following me thru instagram or snapchat probably this post is kinda late (i know, it is, lol).
My hair has been through a lot. I change my hair color so many times.
So, i lil bit confuse about what should i do next for my hair color.
I was craving for pastel hair but the hair stylist (not forget to mention, the hairstylist is from One Piece Hair Studio) told me that i should bleach my hair one more time.
I ended up not bleaching it because i'm afraid my hair not strong enough, i chose green instead. But the hair stylist gave turquoise highlight to my hair.

I was very happy for the result, i think this is the best color i have so far. And my hair got lot of compliments, thank you !

What do you think ?
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