Hi readers !

I bet you noticed my hair transformation through my instagram and snapchat.
Yup ! I have ash blonde hair. Actually the ashes already faded away, now just blonde left :p
As you know i already did colouring hair treatment several times at that time. And for almost a year i didn't change any color to my hair. I was enjoying my brown hair until i get bored of it. I need something new and fresh. I did a research what color that really suits me best. So, i decided to get ash blonde for my next hair color. I know, i got blonde back then, but now it's kinda different because it's added with some ashy tones. If you wanna know how i got it, let's jump right into it !

Before Pic

In this post i wanna share about my colouring experience with One Piece Hair Studio. I went to One Piece which located at Lippo Mall Kemang Village. Actually One Piece Hair Studio has several branches which spread around Jakarta.
One Piece Lippo Mall Kemang is the comfiest salon i've ever visit. It's quite big and cozy.
I had Yadi San as my hairstylist, he's really friendly and really helpful. You can ask anything or ask advices about your hair condition, treatments, and color.

As you know my hair before was like ombre hair but actually not. I have my natural hair on the upper part, so it looked like ombre hair. Yadi San said that my hair tip was quite weak, and to avoid hair break, he advised me to have 2 times bleaching only instead 3 or more.
I started the colouring treatment at 12 pm. Bleaching treatment took almost 6-7 hours. Quite a long time  >.<
But do not worry, One Piece Hair Studio provide menus from various restaurant at Lippo Mall Kemang. So you can order food and drinks while waiting for your hair.

Bleaching Session

After 2 times bleaching, it's turn for colouring session. On the roots, Yadi San gave me grey/ashy tones, and white color for the rest of it.
The long wait is really worthed I really love and happy about the result.

with Yadi San

If you wanna see the whole process you can check my video on my YT Channel.

And here are some after photos

Hopefully this post is really helpful and if you wondering to have same color like me or may be other hair treatments, you better check One Piece Hair Studio.

One Hair Piece Studio - Lippo Mall Kemang Village 1st Fl.
Instagram : @onepiecehairstudio 
Google : +OnePieceHairStudio

See you on my next post !