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So, if you following me through instagram or snapchat you know that i was in Bali 2 weeks ago. I went to Nusa Lembongan and stayed there for 2 nights.
If you wanna know my trip experience just let's get into it !

Actually this is my first time went to Nusa Lembongan, my friend said that i have to visit there, the beach is still clean, tidy, refreshing, and not really crowded. So me and my boyfriend and also his cousins decided to check it out by ourself.

How to get there ? We have to across from Sanur Bay to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida, you can choose. I suggest you to take morning flight to Bali, so you still have much time to get there. From the airport, we took Uber Taxi (or you can use regular one or Grab Car, just up to you) and just say to the driver that you need to go to Sanur. The Sanur Bay is really near with Inna Grand Beach Hotel, so you can use that as the meeting point.

And then, you must buy the boat ticket. It's worth for IDR 100.000 per person. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that i already booked the hotel at Nusa Lembongan a night before. I booked room at Dream Beach Huts through Agoda.com. Once you booked and got the confirmation, you must call the contact person of the hotel, because actually they have pick up facility at the Bay. That is why we took the boat at 14.30 PM to Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan, because also the boat is from the hotel itself. So, when you arrived at The Mushroom Bay you just call the person from Dream Beach Huts, and he pick you right away to the hotel.

The room we chose was Family Room with Ocean View. It was worth for IDR 3.000.000 ++ (for 4 persons and more).
You know the view was so amazing, it's a rare view for us because we haven't been there before.

So on the first day, because we just arrived, we decided to chill and relax at the hotel and listen to the ocean waves. Enjoy every moment of it.

And don't forget to rent motorbike, IDR 70.000 for one.

 The private beach of Dream Beach Huts

The hotel also has a pool that you can see the ocean directly, so its kinda infinity pool view.

On the second day we took a snorkelling package at the Mushroom Bay. People at the hotel said that snorkelling package is much cheaper at the Bay than you take from the hotel. So, we rent a boat for IDR 650.000, it's included snorkelling to 3 places, Mangrove, Crystal Bay, and Manta Point.

After we snorkel, we want to see the sunset. And fyi, Dream Beach Huts wasn't really good for seeing the sunset. If you want, you can visit Sandy Bay Beach Club, the food was really good, but a little bit pricey. But in my opinion, the sunset view was so so. Before the sun went down, we moved to the Devil's Tear. It's actually a cliff, but you can see the sunset really clear there.

And for more amazing views there you can check my video on my youtube channel.

Hopefully this post is really helpful for you who wants to experience Bali in the other way.

So see you and stay tune for the next post !