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In this post i wanna share you about my whitening teeth treatment. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat you will know that i did my whitening teeth treatment.
Teeth bleaching is something that i want to do for so long, and when The Clinic Beautylosophy offered me the treatment, i did it so.

If you wanna know how the procedure going, you can watch my latest video on my youtube channel.

I'll share the experience here because i already give the procedure explanation on my video.
Through my experience, i really happy about the treatment. The dentist is really friendly, i got drg. Kissy to do my teeth bleaching. She's really open about the information, you can ask anything about the treatment, so when you have doubt or any worried you can ask her or the dentist straight away.

with drg. Kissy

The treatment wasn't hurt at all, my teeth became a bit sensitive but that's all. Actually, every patient's tenacity is really different. So whenever you feel pain or very sensitive, just tell the doctor about your condition. In my case, i didn't feel any pain. The treatment was really quick too, it took only for 45 minutes. I thought first, it's gonna be long, but not at all.

For the result, i am really happy about it. My white level raised into 6 levels higher. I was in C1, and now i'm in B1 or W3 almost in the same tone.

After the treatment, you can't eat or drink something that transfer stains to your teeth, like coffee, tea, or red wine, and also you have to smoke less if you're a smoker. At least for 2 weeks.

Temped to try the treatment ? :p
Check The Clinic Beautylosophy website or instagram : www.theclinicindonesia.com or @theclinicid

Here's the 'after' look selfie, without any filter.

Happy trying and good luck !