Hi readers !
It's been awhile, since my last post.
So today, i have skincare review for all of you.
To all women skincare and beauty are something that can't live without, even though you are a tomboy person or not really care about beauty products at all, i bet you are actually care.
Tomboy women must be care about their face, so i think skincare is really important to all women, nothing matter how busy she is.

So yea, i really care about my skincare routine especially for my face (later i'll talk about my skincare routine in my next post).
And this one skincare clinic named The Clinic Beautylosophy approached me to try their treatment.
At first i don't even know what treatment should i try, so i just said that i want facial treatment only.
But, when you arrived at the Clinic (i went to the Clinic at Pantai Indah Kapuk), i met the doctor first. I have to do skin consultation, i have to know what is my skin type and also what happened to my skin actually. The doctor checked my skin by using a microscopic lens and through that you can see your skin pores and wrinkles.

The doctor said that my skin is really good, doesn't really has major issues, so she suggested me to try Oxygeneo treatment. Actually is like an Oxygen treatment that applied to your face so your face more healthy, smoother, and dewy.

Firstly, they put kind of gel on my face and then this tool is for applying the gel all over my face. It helps my skin to exfoliate the dead skins, so you can see my face is a little bit red, that's because the tool works in circular motion to exfoliate. And we're doing this step for 10-15 min.

The last step is applying the mask. The mask contains of Vitamin C, so it's so refreshful when it applied. This treatment happened only for 30 min. It's not a long time actually. After that, i really feel my face is really smooth than before, and if you have this treatment regularly, your skin pores become smaller. Probably you wanna have a try this treatment at The Clinic, just check it out its instagram for more info or right away check the website at www.theclinicindonesia.com .

See you again on my next post !