Hi readers !

Three days ago, which is Saturday, i went to Tennis Indoor Senayan to watch live game of One Championship or people know as ONE FC. If you don't know about One FC, i'll explain it to you in a glimpse. So, ONE FC is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion or championship, was based in Singapore. In this particular championship, you can see MMA fighters fight for a championship title.

I already watch this for two times in Jakarta, and actually this is the second time they made it in Jakarta too. The reasons i watch this game are i kinda enthusiastic about MMA sports (if you follow me through instagram you know that i once trained for muay thai) and also to support my friend, Mario Satya Wirawan. He already joined this championship about three times. He's fighting in Featherweight versus Yohan Mulia Legowo. And yes, just like boxing or other fighting championship, the competition was divided by weight.

Losing or winning are not really important, that is such a cliche words, but we know when we lose something we are really upset. That's what happen on Saturday, Mario lost his game. At first the game was really intense, Mario and Legowo were attacking each other. But in the end Legowo made a standing choke which made Mario to tap out.

High expectation sometimes can betray you. Either it can motivate you, or even make you fall.
We really hope that Mario could win at that time in Jakarta, because he already won once in previous championship in Cambodia. He made a record, the fastest KO in ONE Championship history.

But yea, anybody can win depends on who practice harder, work smarter, and pray more. Losing or winning are the same, we're still give support for Mario no matter what and we really hope that he could beat the ring in the next game. And we know losing game, just made him even stronger.

And here are the best shots that i got from the game, it was really limited because Media Access to take photos is really small. We only took photos inside the Media corner.

See you on my next post and wait for another SPORT CLIP !