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As you can see the title, yup, this post is about what's really in right now.
Well, i know i'm not trend expert but i just see through my eyes and hey it's only my opinion. Hopefully it helps you too guys.

Yea like everytime i go to the mall, stores, or just by reading magazine and online magazine, i see bomber jacket everywhere in variety colors. But i might say that probably this bomber trend is sooo in because Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, like they always wear bomber everywhere they go (i mean their street style). And it looks amazingly cool on them. But hey you can rock your own bomber jacket too ! Don't be afraid to experiment the look.

My bomber jacket was from Stradivarius, i bought it about 400K IDR. And i think it's a reasonable price for a jacket. I bought in Dark Olive color, why ? Because this olive color also become a trend. This color always identically with army stuffs but actually you can wear this color without focusing in army looks.

So happy trying !

Pic taken by Martin Praja

My outfits prescription :

1. Anti Social Club "I Miss You" Cap
2. Stradivarius Bomber Jacket
3. Cotton On Long Fit T-Shirt
4. unbranded Leggings
5. Adidas Tubular Defiant



Hi readers !

So welcome to my "Outfits Essentials" number 1. Outfits essentials which means outfits that i wore few times or probably all over again, because it's been my favourite since forever hehehe.

Well you know weather is not really friendly lately, rain falls almost everyday especially here in Bogor, so the air becomes chill a little bit. I decided to wear my fave yellow sweater and i mixed it up with a pair of mom's jeans, socks and a classic pair of authentic Vans.

Pic taken by Martin Praja
My outfits prescription :
1. Thrifted yellow sweater
2. Supre pink shirt
3. Pull & Bear mom's jeans
4. Stradivarius sling bag
5. Unbranded socks
6. Vans shoes

This kind of outfits is really perfect for gloomy weather and it's fine when you wear it just for going to the mall or hanging out with friends.
Actually you can change the sweater with light sweater or just a sweatshirt, and there you go, you can wear it when summer comes.
Hopefully this post can inspire you :)

See you on my next post !



Hi readers !

Three days ago, which is Saturday, i went to Tennis Indoor Senayan to watch live game of One Championship or people know as ONE FC. If you don't know about One FC, i'll explain it to you in a glimpse. So, ONE FC is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion or championship, was based in Singapore. In this particular championship, you can see MMA fighters fight for a championship title.

I already watch this for two times in Jakarta, and actually this is the second time they made it in Jakarta too. The reasons i watch this game are i kinda enthusiastic about MMA sports (if you follow me through instagram you know that i once trained for muay thai) and also to support my friend, Mario Satya Wirawan. He already joined this championship about three times. He's fighting in Featherweight versus Yohan Mulia Legowo. And yes, just like boxing or other fighting championship, the competition was divided by weight.

Losing or winning are not really important, that is such a cliche words, but we know when we lose something we are really upset. That's what happen on Saturday, Mario lost his game. At first the game was really intense, Mario and Legowo were attacking each other. But in the end Legowo made a standing choke which made Mario to tap out.

High expectation sometimes can betray you. Either it can motivate you, or even make you fall.
We really hope that Mario could win at that time in Jakarta, because he already won once in previous championship in Cambodia. He made a record, the fastest KO in ONE Championship history.

But yea, anybody can win depends on who practice harder, work smarter, and pray more. Losing or winning are the same, we're still give support for Mario no matter what and we really hope that he could beat the ring in the next game. And we know losing game, just made him even stronger.

And here are the best shots that i got from the game, it was really limited because Media Access to take photos is really small. We only took photos inside the Media corner.

See you on my next post and wait for another SPORT CLIP !



Hi readers !
It's been awhile, since my last post.
So today, i have skincare review for all of you.
To all women skincare and beauty are something that can't live without, even though you are a tomboy person or not really care about beauty products at all, i bet you are actually care.
Tomboy women must be care about their face, so i think skincare is really important to all women, nothing matter how busy she is.

So yea, i really care about my skincare routine especially for my face (later i'll talk about my skincare routine in my next post).
And this one skincare clinic named The Clinic Beautylosophy approached me to try their treatment.
At first i don't even know what treatment should i try, so i just said that i want facial treatment only.
But, when you arrived at the Clinic (i went to the Clinic at Pantai Indah Kapuk), i met the doctor first. I have to do skin consultation, i have to know what is my skin type and also what happened to my skin actually. The doctor checked my skin by using a microscopic lens and through that you can see your skin pores and wrinkles.

The doctor said that my skin is really good, doesn't really has major issues, so she suggested me to try Oxygeneo treatment. Actually is like an Oxygen treatment that applied to your face so your face more healthy, smoother, and dewy.

Firstly, they put kind of gel on my face and then this tool is for applying the gel all over my face. It helps my skin to exfoliate the dead skins, so you can see my face is a little bit red, that's because the tool works in circular motion to exfoliate. And we're doing this step for 10-15 min.

The last step is applying the mask. The mask contains of Vitamin C, so it's so refreshful when it applied. This treatment happened only for 30 min. It's not a long time actually. After that, i really feel my face is really smooth than before, and if you have this treatment regularly, your skin pores become smaller. Probably you wanna have a try this treatment at The Clinic, just check it out its instagram for more info or right away check the website at www.theclinicindonesia.com .

See you again on my next post !



Hi readers !

This blogpost is just another #nighttalk with me.
So tonight i wanna talk about my style transition, probably some of you who followed my blog in the very beginning or followed my instagram, should be know how my style changed a bit or may be more hehehe.

I was used to be known as a vintage style girl with a twist. I used to love floral pattern too much, actually i still love it but may be it's not as much as I did. I used to wear heels and platforms. Well, you know all that kind of stuffs. Actually, if you ask me to wear those stuffs, i still love to but may be occasionally.

Now, i prefer jackets, oversized outerwear, crewnecks, t-shirts, cropped tops, jogger, caps, and sneakers. Such a different transition right ?

Why ?

In the very beginning i blog, i was still searching and exploring which style suits me best, which one is the best for me. So, actually i tried a lot at that time. I was quirky plus i dyed my hair into silver, purple, blue, and turquoise. I just wanna be seen by people. I wanna attract people's attention. That is why i changed my hair colour. Just simple as that. I enjoyed my colour hair and my quirky style or probably more colourful at that time, but as i grow up, my age is getting older, (i know i'm not that old, but still...), i had in my mind that i should wear something simplified and comfort.

To be honest, i wasn't feeling that comfort enough when i wear those kind of style, so i began to explore again which one is the comfiest for me. Fashion people always say that don't be afraid to push through the wall or be outside the box. But how come you're outside the box, if it's not really you. I know probably you're gonna say that i was not really honest to my style or my look at that time, but hey people always searching who really they are inside. Even if i may add, when you talk about personal style there is no wrong or right, it's only personality.

And i feel now my style is more mature than before even though i wear sneakers or jackets or shorts. Mature thing comes from inside, i wouldn't say that I'm mature enough but i wanna say that i realise i'm getting older, i have responsibly, i have jobs, so that maturity comes within.
One thing i wanna focus on that even though i changed my style, i never change my personality, I'm still cheerful person and tomboy and fun, when it comes to outfits, i always look for something minimalistic and less accessories.

Enough talking, this is only my talk or my thoughts about my transition style. If you wanna know me more, just comment below or ask me through my ask.fm accounts : here.

Here the bonus two videos of my significant change of my style :D



Video by Gadutism 

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