Probably some of you who live in the other side of the world (could be in Europe or America) seems not knowing this country. Some of my friends who study abroad told me that. The people there always wondering where Indonesia is.

Indonesia is one of developing country here in South East Asia and we are located in Asia. Indonesia is an archipelago country. It has thousands of island. Even many islands that unpopulated yet. If you're still wondering where is Indonesia and what does it look like, just think about Cuba, or other archipelago countries, Indonesia is just like them but so much bigger ad wider.

Indonesia is the most complicated country i've ever known and lived but i do love living here in Indonesia. It's like nowhere place to go to live, but when you know deeper about this country, you'll be falling in love with Indonesia.

Actually many things that i can tell about Indonesia, or probably one post is not enough to write about it. Specifically in this post, i just wanna tell you about an incident that happened here recently. If you read news, Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city got bomb attacks by terrorists. 6 people were volunteered to do a suicidal bomb which i don't understand why they did that. Probably they got their brains washed, i don't know.

But yea, it happened here in Indonesia. Starbucks Sarinah Plaza was bombed and also the Police Station near Sarinah Plaza. Gunshots also happened between the terrorist and the police. Such a thrill moment there. Thanks to social media,  the news spread really fast. Jakarta people become more aware about what happened. All the workers near the incident are allowed to come home or to find safer place.

One hour after the incident, Indonesian habits came out. Funny but this is Jakarta, this is Indonesia.
Jakarta people were watching the incident just like watching movies, they are really near with the incident, they ate snacks on the street, they are really curious about what happened there so they waited near the incident area. They took selfies, they took pictures, sudden all the people become journalists. Funny but again this is Jakarta, this is Indonesia.

One hour after incident, Indonesia's graphic designers are ready to make a lot of memes and other cool pictures with #PRAYFORJAKARTA on it. And thanks again to social media, all the memes spread really fast. Weird, but those are Indonesia's reaction to anything especially hot events that happened at that time.

So, in my opinion, Indonesian are cool. I bet when the tragedy happened we all were scared but we are easy to get up and come brave to face the tragedy.
I guess that's Indonesia's natural instinct, LOL. But thats what happened here.

Anyway, still my prayers goes to all the victims of Sarinah bombed. It taught us to be more cautious of anything suspicious and be more careful.

See you again on my next post ! This is only my intermezzo about what happened recently.