Hi readers !
It's been a quite long hiatus from me.
So here some updates for you.
On Friday i went to The Opening of Timberland's New Store at Pasific Place. It's located on Level 2.
Apparently, this store is not a casual store, so for the first time in Asia, Timberland Indonesia reveals "Workshop" Concept Store. The new concept has been purposefully designed to take customers on an experiential and sensory journey as they make their way through the store.
So, for Timberland's fans you can experience yourself and keep an eye for The Iconic Yellow Boots. For a little twist, Timberland also has partnered with ThePopo to redesign the Iconic Yellow Boots itself. I ensure you this whole new concept store's gonna be your boots heaven.
On that day, we also witnessed Timberland F/W2016 Trunk Show. Really love all the jackets, such a perfect outerwear for traveling especially on winter occasion.
 (The Iconic Yellow Boots)

 Trunk Show of Fall Winter Collection

 with other fellow bloggers, Jean & Putri

WIW : shopatvelvet top - Apparel After Dark bow bodice - Pull & Bear denim pants - Charles & Keith flats

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Changing hair color is something that i always excited about. If you have been following me thru instagram or snapchat probably this post is kinda late (i know, it is, lol).
My hair has been through a lot. I change my hair color so many times.
So, i lil bit confuse about what should i do next for my hair color.
I was craving for pastel hair but the hair stylist (not forget to mention, the hairstylist is from One Piece Hair Studio) told me that i should bleach my hair one more time.
I ended up not bleaching it because i'm afraid my hair not strong enough, i chose green instead. But the hair stylist gave turquoise highlight to my hair.

I was very happy for the result, i think this is the best color i have so far. And my hair got lot of compliments, thank you !

What do you think ?
top - H&M || unbranded short || shoes - Nike



HI readers !

How are you guys doing ? Hopefully you guys been good all the time.
I know i know, i changed my hair color again, if you follow me on instagram or snapchat you know that i have green hair now. :D

By the way, I already smell summer and vacations.
Do you have any plan already ?
I'm going to Bromo Mountain next week, i'm so exciteeedd.

Well, anyway as you can see on my title, i have style tips for all of you guys for summer vacations.
It's very easy and you can recreate it with your own style and personality.
If you have a white summer dress, do not worry to mix and match it to look nicely cool.

I have this summer dress from my fave local hippies brand, @japamala.folks . You can check their collections on instagram.

For the first way, you can combine your dress with your fave loose outerwear. I choose my fave fringe kimono, also from @japamala.folks . And you can add your fave summer accessories.

And for the other way, you can wear your dress as a top. Wear it with your high waisted short because it's hot out there, lol. I wear my short from Forever 21.
hat - Forever 21 || sandals - H&M || choker - Stradivarius

Hopefully this post is really helpful for all of you.
See you on my next post !

And happy holiday !



Hi readers !

I bet you noticed my hair transformation through my instagram and snapchat.
Yup ! I have ash blonde hair. Actually the ashes already faded away, now just blonde left :p
As you know i already did colouring hair treatment several times at that time. And for almost a year i didn't change any color to my hair. I was enjoying my brown hair until i get bored of it. I need something new and fresh. I did a research what color that really suits me best. So, i decided to get ash blonde for my next hair color. I know, i got blonde back then, but now it's kinda different because it's added with some ashy tones. If you wanna know how i got it, let's jump right into it !

Before Pic

In this post i wanna share about my colouring experience with One Piece Hair Studio. I went to One Piece which located at Lippo Mall Kemang Village. Actually One Piece Hair Studio has several branches which spread around Jakarta.
One Piece Lippo Mall Kemang is the comfiest salon i've ever visit. It's quite big and cozy.
I had Yadi San as my hairstylist, he's really friendly and really helpful. You can ask anything or ask advices about your hair condition, treatments, and color.

As you know my hair before was like ombre hair but actually not. I have my natural hair on the upper part, so it looked like ombre hair. Yadi San said that my hair tip was quite weak, and to avoid hair break, he advised me to have 2 times bleaching only instead 3 or more.
I started the colouring treatment at 12 pm. Bleaching treatment took almost 6-7 hours. Quite a long time  >.<
But do not worry, One Piece Hair Studio provide menus from various restaurant at Lippo Mall Kemang. So you can order food and drinks while waiting for your hair.

Bleaching Session

After 2 times bleaching, it's turn for colouring session. On the roots, Yadi San gave me grey/ashy tones, and white color for the rest of it.
The long wait is really worthed I really love and happy about the result.

with Yadi San

If you wanna see the whole process you can check my video on my YT Channel.

And here are some after photos

Hopefully this post is really helpful and if you wondering to have same color like me or may be other hair treatments, you better check One Piece Hair Studio.

One Hair Piece Studio - Lippo Mall Kemang Village 1st Fl.
Instagram : @onepiecehairstudio 
Google : +OnePieceHairStudio

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Hi readers !

In this post i wanna share you about my whitening teeth treatment. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat you will know that i did my whitening teeth treatment.
Teeth bleaching is something that i want to do for so long, and when The Clinic Beautylosophy offered me the treatment, i did it so.

If you wanna know how the procedure going, you can watch my latest video on my youtube channel.

I'll share the experience here because i already give the procedure explanation on my video.
Through my experience, i really happy about the treatment. The dentist is really friendly, i got drg. Kissy to do my teeth bleaching. She's really open about the information, you can ask anything about the treatment, so when you have doubt or any worried you can ask her or the dentist straight away.

with drg. Kissy

The treatment wasn't hurt at all, my teeth became a bit sensitive but that's all. Actually, every patient's tenacity is really different. So whenever you feel pain or very sensitive, just tell the doctor about your condition. In my case, i didn't feel any pain. The treatment was really quick too, it took only for 45 minutes. I thought first, it's gonna be long, but not at all.

For the result, i am really happy about it. My white level raised into 6 levels higher. I was in C1, and now i'm in B1 or W3 almost in the same tone.

After the treatment, you can't eat or drink something that transfer stains to your teeth, like coffee, tea, or red wine, and also you have to smoke less if you're a smoker. At least for 2 weeks.

Temped to try the treatment ? :p
Check The Clinic Beautylosophy website or instagram : www.theclinicindonesia.com or @theclinicid

Here's the 'after' look selfie, without any filter.

Happy trying and good luck !



Hi readers !

How's your weekend ?
So, if you following me through instagram or snapchat you know that i was in Bali 2 weeks ago. I went to Nusa Lembongan and stayed there for 2 nights.
If you wanna know my trip experience just let's get into it !

Actually this is my first time went to Nusa Lembongan, my friend said that i have to visit there, the beach is still clean, tidy, refreshing, and not really crowded. So me and my boyfriend and also his cousins decided to check it out by ourself.

How to get there ? We have to across from Sanur Bay to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida, you can choose. I suggest you to take morning flight to Bali, so you still have much time to get there. From the airport, we took Uber Taxi (or you can use regular one or Grab Car, just up to you) and just say to the driver that you need to go to Sanur. The Sanur Bay is really near with Inna Grand Beach Hotel, so you can use that as the meeting point.

And then, you must buy the boat ticket. It's worth for IDR 100.000 per person. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that i already booked the hotel at Nusa Lembongan a night before. I booked room at Dream Beach Huts through Agoda.com. Once you booked and got the confirmation, you must call the contact person of the hotel, because actually they have pick up facility at the Bay. That is why we took the boat at 14.30 PM to Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan, because also the boat is from the hotel itself. So, when you arrived at The Mushroom Bay you just call the person from Dream Beach Huts, and he pick you right away to the hotel.

The room we chose was Family Room with Ocean View. It was worth for IDR 3.000.000 ++ (for 4 persons and more).
You know the view was so amazing, it's a rare view for us because we haven't been there before.

So on the first day, because we just arrived, we decided to chill and relax at the hotel and listen to the ocean waves. Enjoy every moment of it.

And don't forget to rent motorbike, IDR 70.000 for one.

 The private beach of Dream Beach Huts

The hotel also has a pool that you can see the ocean directly, so its kinda infinity pool view.

On the second day we took a snorkelling package at the Mushroom Bay. People at the hotel said that snorkelling package is much cheaper at the Bay than you take from the hotel. So, we rent a boat for IDR 650.000, it's included snorkelling to 3 places, Mangrove, Crystal Bay, and Manta Point.

After we snorkel, we want to see the sunset. And fyi, Dream Beach Huts wasn't really good for seeing the sunset. If you want, you can visit Sandy Bay Beach Club, the food was really good, but a little bit pricey. But in my opinion, the sunset view was so so. Before the sun went down, we moved to the Devil's Tear. It's actually a cliff, but you can see the sunset really clear there.

And for more amazing views there you can check my video on my youtube channel.

Hopefully this post is really helpful for you who wants to experience Bali in the other way.

So see you and stay tune for the next post !



Hi readers !

February is already passed, and welcoming March !
As you can see the title, yup, this is my "Outfits Essentials #2"
I decided to wear my fave wind breaker at the moment again, and it's from Pull & Bear, and alsoooo it was a worth deal, because i only bought it for IDR 200K or probably 20$.
I mixed it up with my long fit shirt with long sleeves from Topman, and a comfy pair of red Vans.

Pic taken by Martin Praja

Outfits prescription :
1. Pull & Bear Windbreaker
2. Topman Black Shirt
3. unbranded Pants
4. Vans Shoes
5. Supreme Bucket Hat

See you again on my next post !