Few weeks ago I got a chance to visit ORORI Office, the biggest Diamond and Jewelry Online Company here in Indonesia. Do you know that ORORI was already published for more than 10 years. I know it’s not a short time period, so I promise you ORORI is the most curated Diamond and Jewelry Online Store.

First impression about the office is that they were really welcome you. And such a pretty cool, comfy and cozy place to stay for awhile.

So lets get into the Diamond Story here.
A little fact about relationship between me and diamond or jewelries is actually I’m not kind of jewelries person. I’m a super minimalistic and practical person.
But when I saw their diamonds and jewelries collection, I literally said it suits me or especially for all of you who love minimalistic yet sophisticated accessories. Even, ORORI gave you Design My Own feature at their website. So you can design your own diamond rings depends on your style or personality.

Another thing that I love about ORORI is ORORI provides you Jewelry Cleaner. For mostly active women, Jewelry Cleaner is the must have item. It’s like a savior for our jewelries to keep them maintained and long lasted.

Well anyway, here they are my fave picks from ORORI’s Diamond Collections.

You can check the complete collection at their website too.

See you soon on my next post.

Photographed : my mom
Location : ORORI Head Office