It's been awhile and i'm not updating my blog since 2 months ago (well, yaw i know that's quite a long time hehe lol).
Today i decided to update my blog, while i'm having time to tell you about what made my activities lately.
If you followed my instagram (@chrisnawatinovia), probably you already know what i've been doing lately more than my readers here. And yes, last Monday i went to Yogyakarta to attend my cousin's wedding. I was there only for three days. So, i did a little trip around Yogya on my last day there.
You can check it out by seeing it at my instagram.

Anyway, i want to tell you too in shortly, that i've been busy with my upcoming brand. I made a Ready to Wear Collection for women. As you can see, my actual style are quite edgy, sporty, minimalist, with touch of feminine, and i put them together at my upcoming brand. Fashion is going around and round, so i came with this name and idea, Sphere Society. Sphere means a three dimension of round shape, just like a ball and earth shape. So, Sphere Society is like all my world which i pour into this collection. Hopefully all is going well and i could launch it on July.
If you are wondering and curious about my collection, you can check the teaser thru its instagram @sphere.society

Enough story, so here it is what i wore on my cousin's wedding day.

 Cloth Inc top & bottom - Forever 21 shoes

photography : mom & dad