Few weeks ago I got a chance to visit ORORI Office, the biggest Diamond and Jewelry Online Company here in Indonesia. Do you know that ORORI was already published for more than 10 years. I know it’s not a short time period, so I promise you ORORI is the most curated Diamond and Jewelry Online Store.

First impression about the office is that they were really welcome you. And such a pretty cool, comfy and cozy place to stay for awhile.

So lets get into the Diamond Story here.
A little fact about relationship between me and diamond or jewelries is actually I’m not kind of jewelries person. I’m a super minimalistic and practical person.
But when I saw their diamonds and jewelries collection, I literally said it suits me or especially for all of you who love minimalistic yet sophisticated accessories. Even, ORORI gave you Design My Own feature at their website. So you can design your own diamond rings depends on your style or personality.

Another thing that I love about ORORI is ORORI provides you Jewelry Cleaner. For mostly active women, Jewelry Cleaner is the must have item. It’s like a savior for our jewelries to keep them maintained and long lasted.

Well anyway, here they are my fave picks from ORORI’s Diamond Collections.

You can check the complete collection at their website too.

See you soon on my next post.

Photographed : my mom
Location : ORORI Head Office




It's been awhile and i'm not updating my blog since 2 months ago (well, yaw i know that's quite a long time hehe lol).
Today i decided to update my blog, while i'm having time to tell you about what made my activities lately.
If you followed my instagram (@chrisnawatinovia), probably you already know what i've been doing lately more than my readers here. And yes, last Monday i went to Yogyakarta to attend my cousin's wedding. I was there only for three days. So, i did a little trip around Yogya on my last day there.
You can check it out by seeing it at my instagram.

Anyway, i want to tell you too in shortly, that i've been busy with my upcoming brand. I made a Ready to Wear Collection for women. As you can see, my actual style are quite edgy, sporty, minimalist, with touch of feminine, and i put them together at my upcoming brand. Fashion is going around and round, so i came with this name and idea, Sphere Society. Sphere means a three dimension of round shape, just like a ball and earth shape. So, Sphere Society is like all my world which i pour into this collection. Hopefully all is going well and i could launch it on July.
If you are wondering and curious about my collection, you can check the teaser thru its instagram @sphere.society

Enough story, so here it is what i wore on my cousin's wedding day.

 Cloth Inc top & bottom - Forever 21 shoes

photography : mom & dad




Hi dear readers !
I'm so sorry for the long hiatus again.
I don't know just been lazy to open my laptop for updating my blog, i open it only for downloading new songs.
Anyway, if you follow my instagram, you can see i start to obsessive with streetwear culture. I love wearing t-shirt, short, jogger pants, and sneakers or sporty shoes. And streetwear becomes massive trend right now.
Well, streetwear is identical with monochrome colors or grey, but there's no wrong to put a lil bit blue on my outfits.
 unbranded snapback, denim shirt, & leggings - Apparel After Dark T-shirt - Nike shoes

photography : Ines Ariani




Hi there !
How's your Sunday ?
Hopefully you all are doing good :)

Anyway, if you follow me on instagram, 3 weeks ago i joined bazaar Metropolis Market at Senayan City with other blogger fellas.
A glance about Metropolis Market, it was a vessel for local brands to introduce and to sell their products to the market or people. Not only clothing line brand but also food and beverages. And surprisingly, they invited bloggers to join the market to sell their pre-loved goods.

In this Metropolis Market i met the owner of N3 Bali (Number Three Bali) which is really friendly. She's just cool and amazing.
What is N3 Bali ?
That is one of successful Online Concept Store in Bali and Australia. For me, such an honour that i could wear few of their collections.
I admit it, their collections were really really good and amazing. If you can take a look in real, i bet you'll amaze with their collection. Especially this sweat pants which i wore in this post
 N3 Bali varsity jacket & sweatpants - Elvacka top - Nike Roshe Run

Photographer : mom

Go visit N3 Bali <3

Anyway, here they are some mood booster songs for your Creepy Monday :p
Enjoy !

1. Zak Waters ft. Codi Caraco - Out My Head (Tobtok Remix)
2. White Panda - Cooler Than Latch (Disclosure ft. Sam Smith vs. Mike Posner)
3. Viceroy ft. K Flay - Back At The Start
4. KOA - All of My Love
5. Porter Robinson ft. Jano - The Seconds (NGTHMRE & Davey Gray Remix)




Hi there !
Just found my comfort zone in monochrome colors such as black, grey, and white, but i was thinking about getting out my comfort zone. So, i took my red lace playsuit which i got from Zalora Indonesia and that day was Chinese New Year anyway.
Happy belated Chinese New Year guys for all of you who celebrated it ;))
 unbranded hat and shoes - Zalora Indonesia red lace playsuit

And here they are few songs that can make you eargasm. Enjoy !
1. Alina Baraz & Galimatiaz - Fantasy
2. Alina Baraz & Galimatiaz - Pretty Thoughts
3. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)
4. Freedom Fry - The Wilder Mile (Urban Contact Remix)
5. FKJ - So Much To Me
6. Borgeous & Shaun Frank ft. Delaney - This Could Be Love
7. Alesso ft. Tove Lo - Heroes (Basic Tape Remix)




Hi there !
How's your last weekend ?
Hope you were doing great.
Anyway, Valentine's day is coming up ! How's your plan for Valentine's day ?
Are you going with your boyfriend or girlfriend ? Or just hang out with friends ?
Whatever your plan, wish you had a lovely time with your loved once <3

This blogpost is about my travel journal during my holiday in Bali.
I went to Bali twice, first was in December with my sister and the second one was in January with my boyfriend and his friends.

Well, this is the part one, me and my sister were in Bali for a week. Quite a long time for a vacation in Bali.

Locations are Aqua Villa at Seminyak, Kuta Beach, GWK Cultural Park, and Padang-Padang Beach.
Actualy i went to few restaurants and cafes but i just posted on instagram. 
All the photos were taken by several cameras, lol, iPhone camera, Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless Camera, and DSLR Camera.

Hope you enjoy reading my post and see you again on my next post !