Hello there !
WXG Limited t-shirt - H&M beanie - Gaudi short

Wow, it's been a month i don't update my blog. That's my bad and i apologise :(
But as you can see i only update my instagram account because that's  the easiest way for me to connect with the readers (re : all of you).

Well, if you're asking why i don't update my blog because i had problems with my self. Actually not a big deal but it made me stop updating my blog for awhile. Hehe. Private stuffs :/
And anyway, my favorite photographers which are my parents, they are really busy right now, so it added more reasons why i don't blog lately. My mom just opened a little food stand in Jakarta, Manado cuisine. So yeah, tell me about how busy she is :(

And if you're asking what i've been doing lately, here we go, i'll tell you.

I just resigned from my uncle's office because i wanna have a job which related with my major at college, which is fashion design, or could be anything related with fashion. So, i decided to make my own brand which is delayed again right now. Too bad. Actually, at that time i felt bored with fashion.
So funny. But, do you ever feel that way ? Bored with something you love or something you passion about.

Few weeks ago i was assigned as a speaker at 5 high schools event with Kawanku Magazine and Maybelline New York. That was a cool experience. And actually i don't have a good ability to talk in front of many people, but learning by doing is the easiest way. I gave a presentation about teenage fashion in general and also the tips and trick how mix and match a cool outfits for teenage. May be i will post about this event on my next post.

Last week, i turned 23 yo. Wow ! Become older, i think there are more responsibilities which i have to take. I'm a clumsy person and sometime it becomes a bad impact for me and others around me. And i want to cut those bad habits, once again, learning by doing. Hopefully i can be a better person in the future. I can make my parents proud of what i'm doing.
My birthday was so special because i celebrated with my boyfriend. He played sweet things to me. And i was so happy. Beyond happy. He was nice and i appreciate every little things he did to me for making me happy :) At night, me, my family, and my boyfriend had dinner together at his restaurant.

Okay enough for this long talk.

Here are some cool songs for this gloomy days :

1. ZHU - Faded
2. Honne - The Night
3. The Twelves - When You Talk
4. The Twelves - Works For Me
5. Metric - Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)
6. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix)
7. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
8. MSMR - Hurricane
9. Young Franco - Brooklyn
10. Luke Million - Light and Sound (Young Franco Remix)

And here i wanna share my friend's Mixtape :

I Heart Summer by Arsugi Aryanto

Hope you enjoy these songs and enjoy our last month of the year :))



  1. Fighting ci sari:) Semangatt yaa !


  2. Good luck ci! and happy belated birthday too!

    Deasy Tantra

  3. what a cute beanie!!!!
    we all missing you Chris!
    been busy lately with real life :(
    well, i think we should set a time to take some OOTD photos for our blog

    anyway, once more HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!
    wish you all the best & good luck for everything <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. I love your beanie! X Laura www.mixtfashion.com

  5. I think that feeling is quite normal, but then you take time to ponder what really inspires you and you're back again! xx


  6. cute beanie hat. and happy belated birthday!
    good luck for your own label ;)


  7. cute beanie!


  8. makin hits ya sistah! temu kangen ya december!

  9. pretty! happy belated birthday yaa <33


  10. Supaaa Cool! :)