Hello there !
WXG Limited t-shirt - H&M beanie - Gaudi short

Wow, it's been a month i don't update my blog. That's my bad and i apologise :(
But as you can see i only update my instagram account because that's  the easiest way for me to connect with the readers (re : all of you).

Well, if you're asking why i don't update my blog because i had problems with my self. Actually not a big deal but it made me stop updating my blog for awhile. Hehe. Private stuffs :/
And anyway, my favorite photographers which are my parents, they are really busy right now, so it added more reasons why i don't blog lately. My mom just opened a little food stand in Jakarta, Manado cuisine. So yeah, tell me about how busy she is :(

And if you're asking what i've been doing lately, here we go, i'll tell you.

I just resigned from my uncle's office because i wanna have a job which related with my major at college, which is fashion design, or could be anything related with fashion. So, i decided to make my own brand which is delayed again right now. Too bad. Actually, at that time i felt bored with fashion.
So funny. But, do you ever feel that way ? Bored with something you love or something you passion about.

Few weeks ago i was assigned as a speaker at 5 high schools event with Kawanku Magazine and Maybelline New York. That was a cool experience. And actually i don't have a good ability to talk in front of many people, but learning by doing is the easiest way. I gave a presentation about teenage fashion in general and also the tips and trick how mix and match a cool outfits for teenage. May be i will post about this event on my next post.

Last week, i turned 23 yo. Wow ! Become older, i think there are more responsibilities which i have to take. I'm a clumsy person and sometime it becomes a bad impact for me and others around me. And i want to cut those bad habits, once again, learning by doing. Hopefully i can be a better person in the future. I can make my parents proud of what i'm doing.
My birthday was so special because i celebrated with my boyfriend. He played sweet things to me. And i was so happy. Beyond happy. He was nice and i appreciate every little things he did to me for making me happy :) At night, me, my family, and my boyfriend had dinner together at his restaurant.

Okay enough for this long talk.

Here are some cool songs for this gloomy days :

1. ZHU - Faded
2. Honne - The Night
3. The Twelves - When You Talk
4. The Twelves - Works For Me
5. Metric - Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)
6. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix)
7. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
8. MSMR - Hurricane
9. Young Franco - Brooklyn
10. Luke Million - Light and Sound (Young Franco Remix)

And here i wanna share my friend's Mixtape :

I Heart Summer by Arsugi Aryanto

Hope you enjoy these songs and enjoy our last month of the year :))