Hi there !
So sorry for the long hiatus of me. Well actually, i have so many stories to tell you.
Hmmm. Like i don't know where i have to start, lol.
First of all if you follow me on instagram i made a big decision for my body. Yup ! I got three new tattoos, on my right back and on my left hand. If you wanna see the details, just check them out at my instagram.
If you wanna ask, "how i got my parents' permission", actually quite hard. Well, they also got tattoed but parents are always be parents. Then finally, i got those ! *yeay*
Secondly, i resigned from my job. As you know i had job which was not my passion at all. But i appreciated my uncle to give me that job opportunity. I learnt how to earn money, more patience with your job, and interact with other people such as clients. For me there's no regrets. Everything happened for reasons.
And finally, i made that decision is because i want to continue what should i do in a long time ago after i graduated hehehe. Yup ! I want to focus on my own clothing brand. Hopefully it went well ! May be it sounds cheesy or cliche, but i really hope i could make my parents proud through this. Amen.
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This is an old outfit post again. I supposed to post it last month but didnt have a chance.
So, the outfits are still in floral theme again. As you see, my hair was still in turquoise. *FYI, my hair is blue right now, lol*

I wore Topshop cropped top, i mixed it up with my floral skirt that i bought at Metro Department Store. Aaannd, another flower crown. I'm addicted to floral crown you know, hehehe.
 Topshop cropped top - Metro Dept Store skirt - JuneandJulia heels - Forever 21 floral crown

By the way, start from this post i wanna share about my playlist or my fave songs lately.
For the first one i wanna share my friend's mixtape. His name is Oggie. He's a DJ and i think his mixtape was really good to hear and really fine to enjoy.

Just check it out HERE !