Haloo !
Long time no posting my thoughts or stories. Postpone a little bit about outfits post. Just wanna say hi with different way to keep my blog fresh hohoho.
Actually i don't know where i have to start. Well, okay ! Some of you ever asked to me about my outfits to the office. Aaaand as you know i always go to my office by train. Some of you asked about how the passengers react to me *and as you know again, lately i change my haircolor often*. The answer is they always stare at me. Always. Always. LOL.
All the other passengers or even the train officers always whisperly talk behind me. Talk about my hair and my outfit. Those stares *you know people stare from head to toe*. Actually, it's not really comfortable when I really hear or see them staring or talking about my appeareance.
But now, i'm getting used to it. So, i ignore them by smiling at them or having a little laugh to my self. And remember those things as a funny moment.
Anyway, i want to tell you guys that i'm not always wearing outfits that you always see at my blog  when i go to work or other place that push you to wear casual outfits. Sometime i'm feeling comfortable with t-shirt and jeans and no-make up face. At the same time some of you always think that fashion bloggers always dressed up wherever or whenever we go, and actually it's not. Especially me, outfits choices for working are quite limited whereas actually i can wear any outfits to the office *but remember i go to work by train*, i can't wear shorts or people at train will stare at my thigh haha, i can't wear my mini skirts either although i love 'em, i can't wear thick outfits otherwise you're gonna over sweating, i can't wear cropped top or tank-top or see through top and i don't have to explain why, lol.
Well, i think that's it. Aaand please freely share about your funny moments or other same experience like me in the comment box. Just wanna know about your experience too >.<

Oh yeah, i want to share also about my top 5 songs at my iphone *beside Foster The People songs* :
1. Not A Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake
2. Birthday - Katy Perry
3. High and Dry - Radiohead
4. What if the Storm Ends - Snow Patrol
5. Summer - Calvin Harris

See you again at my next post and freely ask me at my ask.fm account @chris_novia28 



  1. luv the flower crown! <33 pretty as always ;))


  2. cewek cakep gini siapa juga yang nggak mau ngeliatin? pasti pada bisik2 "ini cewek keluar dari film korea yang mana" uhuuy
    see you when i see you Chris!!


  3. what a funny story!
    i feel you kok Chris
    since we both are train-mate
    I think positively, that I'm not the only one
    glad to act like real people in weird way on the train

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. agree with you about fashion blogger not always dressed up whenever we go! because i'm not. just like you, i can't wear a mini skirt or anything that looks too much on campus. hahaha -_-v

    This is real and This is me

  5. So pretty! Loving your flower crown <3


  6. I feel the same, people like to stare from head to toe! was wondering if I also dye your hair like you and use public transportation, would be so much fun! lol
    loving that hair, anyway!


  7. Congratulation Chris!
    I nominated you & your blog on Liebster Award :D
    kindly check my latest post for more detail information about that
    here is the link: http://fahadscale.blogspot.com/2014/05/liebster-award_10.html

    I'm looking forward to your fun answer!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  8. i love ur hair so badly!
    oh yah i love katy perry-birthday and calvin harris - summer too :)
    i already follow ur blog, mind to follow mine ?


  9. wish I have the guts to dye my hair like you..
    and I know your feeling when people staring at our outfit from head to toe..
    anyway I'm Yunda's bestfriend, she talks about you a lot and I'm really looking forward to meet you in person, Sari.. ;*


  10. huhuu that's alright ! even though I live in London I still get the same treatment from my surrounding :'(
    yang penting kece ya ngga sihh hehehe


  11. those things only us blogger understand hahah! sometimes when i wear a hat to the mall people see me like I'm putting a halloween costume on

  12. I loveee your thought so much Saaaar! Same feeling as a blogger lol!!! Lucky you tetep bisa warnain rambut buat ngantor, envy ><

  13. sari you are a strong woman ya! wkwkw
    masih mending diliatin di mall dari pada di kendaraan umum wkwkw :D
    btw rambutnya pengen g juaammbaakk, so cute! >.<


  14. why are you looking so pretty <3
    btw i also feel that way, i never can use my blog outfits to my university because we have dress code and my major is International Relations which is not connected at all to fashionista students. When i dress up a little bit different, almost people at public transportation see me. But i think, it's the moment when you can feel the fun in your life. lol!

    Margareta Vania

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