Remember my previous post about Style Essentials by Dorothy Perkins ? And i mentioned that Dorothy Perkins with Fimela.com made a styling competition by pulling off one of ten style essentials by Dorothy Perkins with two different styles, remember right ? You have still time to join the competition since they extended the time of it. So make it of your own quickly to win 10 millions <3

Roses and Daisies,

My outfits' theme today was floral pattern because spring has sprung. I took The Block Heels as my style essentials today since imma shoes lover. So, i mixed it up with my two fave flowers.
For the first outfit, i wore Roses cropped top from Forever 21 and matched it with yellow circular midi skirt from Marli Couture, a bridal custom made brand. The floral crown totally pulled out my look.
 Forever 21 cropped top & flower crown - Marli Couture skirt - Dorothy Perkins heels
For second look, i pulled all outfits in Dorothy Perkins. I bought a white shirt and midi pencil skirt with Daisies pattern on it. Annd, anyway i took two style essentials at the same time. The Midi and The Block Heels, hohoho lol.
 Dorothy Perkins shirt, skirt & heels
Anyway for all of you who wants to participate in this competition you can check Dorothy Perkins 's facebook page and twitter how to win the 10 million rupiah. Good Luck !

photography : dad




I always adore menswear collection since i was at college. As you know i was a fashion design student, at that time i love to explore with menswear collection especially suits ! I know how hard to make a suit, no wonder why they are very expensive. It's complicated and simple but beautiful at the same time.You can't find a suit with very cheap price. Suit is very elegant and sophisticated to the wearer. I love seeing men wearing suits for a special occasion or any daily routine.
Well, here I am bringing a good news to share. I am going to introduce my new pal, Paul Fredrick, for giving your dad, your husband, your fiance, or even your boyfriend a new gift as they launched new Summer Collection today ! *yeay*
What is Paul Fredrick ? Paul Fredrick was founded 25 years ago. Originally specializing in dress shirts, their collection has grown exponentially as has their number of satisfied long-term customers. They design, manufacture and directly distribute every item in our collection. No wholesalers. No store fronts. Just great style at everyday prices. How cool is that ? *wohoo* No doubt, you can check 'em immediately at their wesbsite, here.
Enough talking, here are their new collections <3

And here are my fave pieces from their Summer Collection :
Look at those colors, i rarely find a suit with red or soft blue color. So cute *girls said* But if I were a man, i definitely would choose this yellow-mustard pants as their bestfriend. >.<
Also love these stripes shirt. The color combinations are really showing the summer color.
Suits are not complete enough without cufflinks. And look what i found at their website ! How cute this paisley cufflink >.<
The patterns of their tie are cool and gorgeous. These two are my favorite, major love !

So what are you waiting for ? Check em out !




Last Thursday i went to the Style Essentials of Dorothy Perkins launching. Style Essentials of Dorothy Perkins are their new spring collection which are dominated by pastels colors. What's the meaning of Style Essentials of Dorothy Perkins ?

 Well here they are, there are 10 style essentials of Dorothy Perkins which everywoman should have in their wardrobe. Those 10 style essentials are pieces which are very long lasting and classic, so women can be flexible with the trends and all occasion by wearing these.
 My fave essentials are The Mini Bag and The Block Heels *imma shoe lover*
The lovely table set
Anyway, i got blue clutch from Dorothy Perkins as their gift. And today i wore it to the church and was inspired by one of the 10 Style Essentials which is the Boyfriend Jean.
Giordano polo shirt - Levi's boyfriend jeans - St. Yves blazer - Lasenora Boutique heels
Dorothy Perkins clutch

A oh, almost forgot !
Don't forget to join Style Essentials by Dorothy Perkins with Fimela.com competition. You can win shopping vouchers IDR 10.000.000. How cool is that ?! So come come to join this competition !
For further information you can check on their facebook page here or their twitter here.

photography : me and mom