Have you ever feel like dilemma so much ? You can't put up your decision. You are made to be confused all the time by all the options in your life.
May be when you were in school, you were rarely feeling this way, or may be never. We went to school as our responsibility, we met friends, were hanging out after study, was just another happy time. The only dilemma when you were in school, when you started to face the college/university. You were forced to choose what the best university to help you achieve your dream.
It's different now. You grow fast, time flies so fast. As you know, imma a worker now. And imma facing a big dilemma between working (in company which is no related with my study in college) and pursuing my dream to have my own label (which is still on progress, and i create this label with my friend) or become entrepreneur. I was so confused like almost cry.
But, thankyou to my parents who always support me no matter what. We argued all the time but i know deep in their hearts they love me so much, also my lovely friends. I have the greatest best friends in the whole world. They support me and help to open my mind. I love them all. Thanks God i have them, even they are not by my side, but i know they're always there for me.
Hopefully what ever i choose what ever the solution, i can make a decision. Make a decision, actually something that you always do in your life to make you a lot better, a lot stronger, and a lot maturer.
And for all of you who are in the same situation like me, just open your mind, pray, and let decision made by your self. Any decision you make is never wrong. Any decision you make is actually leading you to another life which you don't know yet. It could be good it could be bad, but hey that's life. If you meet only good things, it could be a boring life, right ? :D
Anyway....the weather starts to be friend lately. Sun came up but chill air is still around. Love the weather, no rain, no hot, and chill instead. That is why i wore knit sweater and i could put my high waisted shorts. It's time to keep your layered outfits off, and prepare your spring/summer outfits now!
Well here, my casual outfts :D
 Topman beanie - Zara knitted sweater - unbranded shorts and bag - Decimal Shoes creepers

photography : mom

Oh yaaa, almost forgot. Save the date to come to INFARE Part II at F(X) Sudirman F3 on Feb 27th and Mar 2nd. There are 15 cool bloggers and 15 booths. So, see you there ! <3



  1. Loving this outfit so much ci! Your hair looks amazing! xx


  2. now you are blonde hair with red lipstick <3
    good luck buat INFARE nya :D

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. loving your shoes ci ! don't forget to check out my blog


  4. duh, sumpah yang ini kece banget !!
    hidup selalu soal pilihan...hopefully you choose the best one for your life ! :D

  5. i love your hair!!


  6. ahh so casual yet chic at the same time, wish I could join infare and see you guys :,((


  7. loving this look! rambutnya kece bener sih! hihi xx

  8. hai ceweek jgn galau2 kamuuh, i knw how stressful a dilemma can be :p wishin you all the best & i hope God shows His best plan secara #terpampangnyata biar gak galau2 lg hihihi. anyway sukaa hair colournya n lipstiknya. tjakeeeep <3


  9. Aku juga lagi galau2nya di semester2 ini T___T but it's really good to have family and friends who support us hehe :D
    nice outfit! loooove your hair TvT


  10. such a quirky and fun look! xx


  11. i love your Zara knitted sweater and your shorts!!! so cool!


  12. your hair!!


  13. no dilemma = no life laaah :D dulu waktu kecil, sering ditanya "apa cita-citamu?" Now as we grow up, kadang juga ditanya pertanyaan yang sama. Tapi terus kita juga berpikir realistis. I still want to be a doctor, but I study management business in college :'D jadi "cita-cita" itu beda banget sama "pekerjaan yang diinginkan" Kalo menurutku, selagi kamu bisa mengerjakan keduanya, kenapa enggak. working in company, while you live your dream as an entrepreneur. Jalani aja dulu sedikit demi sedikit. Anggap aja untuk yng entrepreneur kamu ngejalaninnya kayak hobby, nggak ada beban, jadi bisa dilakukan kaapan aja (bukan berarti nggak serius) lagipula bisnis selalu dimulai dari bawah kan? Kita nggak bisa memprediksi kapan bisnis kita akan sukses.

    Take care, Good luck in whatever your choice is
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  14. I know how it feel! Haha! Btw makin kesini makin kece banget warna rambutnya, aak jadi pengen warnain rambut juga! >.<

  15. I had a feeling like that too last month, what should I do in the future, a big dilemma hahaha. Anyway, best of luck for you :) love your blonde hair!!! and such a cute look <33


  16. love your shoess so much >.<
    see you di infare :D


  17. cute outfitt!
    love your pink beanie ❤

    followed you anyway!
    hope we can keep in touch