Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 was held 20th - 23rd February 2014 at Jakarta Convention Center. IFW 2014 carried a local and green movement as their theme and goal for Indonesia's fashion today. Well the local brands and designers who joined IFW were increasing than last year even for moslem wear designers and brands (as you know, almost people here in Indonesia are moslem and IFW 2014 really appreciated the moslem designers and brands). As the green movement, all the brands and designers rather used recycled paper bag than plastic bag along IFW 2014, hopefully keep continuing.

I went to IFW 2014 on day 3 with my blogger fellas, Fahad Scale and Lulut Marganingtyas. We watched the show of "Rancang Kebaya" by Kartini Magazine. At the evening we continued watching Lenny Agustine, Sapto Djokokartiko, Gabriel Lage, and Priyo Oktaviano. Unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures of the fabulous evening show :(

Anyway, my phone was stolen at IFW :'( I'm so saaad, feel terribly stupid to not taking care of my stuffs. But, thankyou to Fahad and Lulut who were trying to cheer me up and accompanied me to find my phone there. Lesson learnt. For all of you also, take care of your goods !

Here they are the day show, "Rancang Kebaya Competition" by Kartini Magazine and one of the judges were Lenny Agustine and Sofie, the famous local designer.

Beside the fashion show, IFW 2014 has amazing fashion exhibitions , seminars, and booths.

This was my friend's booth, her brand is Linda Mulia. Her design was beautiful, pretty, and elegant. It suit for all of you who love simple cocktail dress and evening gown. You can check her collections HERE.

What i wore on that day...
Style_Corner wide brim hat - Topman T-shirt (inner) - mom's denim vest - CHRIS+NOVIA skirt
Forever 21 studded rings - Greedysassy transparant skull ring
 Topman socks - Jeffrey Campbell Wyman Combat Boots

Behind the scene
photographer of my outfit : Fahad Scale