I AM....

I am Chrisnawati Novia Puspitasari. That's my full name. You can call me Sari or Chris, it's up to you. I am an older sister of two. My sister's name Christinawati Angelita Pusparani, or you can call her Rani. Since a lot of people around us said that we look alike, everybody always mixes our name. I am called as Rani and so does my sister. Once, we had same hairstyle and all strange people always asked are we twins etc, haha, lol.
I am a cat lover. I have a female white persian cat named Michi, got from anime name Hanamichi Sakuragi. That's a boy name actually, so we cut it off just Michi, hehehe. She's pregnant now, hopefully her body was healthy.
I am a comic lover  and cartoon characters (well who doesn't ? everybody loves comic and cartoon, whatever the genres). I love to read manga/anime, love serial, Doraemon (imma a big fan of this character), and Kobo-Chan. Thanks to Sailor Moon i can draw since i was a kid. Thanks to Disney Cartoon, i fell in love to the music for the first time, especially English music.
I am a clumsy, careless, and shy person. When i was in the crowd and full of strangers, i would bow my head and walk awkwardly. Thankfully, now i can decrease that my bad habbit a little bit.
I am a katsaridaphobia, phobia of cockroach. I'm afraid of heights and flying with airplane. If you can see me out of town, may be Singapore, Manado, or other places that should be visited by plane, yuppp I'm fighting with my self along the skytrip. I even can cry if the turbulence is very hard. Ironicly, i love to watch air crash investigation on National Geographic or Youtube (stupid me, lol).

Well, that's intro to my post today. Hehehe. Just wanna share again a little bit of me. Actually i wanna share more. But may be on the other post. The idea of my post title is printed on my top i wore here.
Cropped top from Jessnasthasja. I mixed it with my mom's short pants. That's her short when she was bearing me, hohoho.
These shots were taken at Gracia Spa Ciater Hot Spring Resort, where i spent my NYE holiday.
Jessnasthasja cropped top - mom's short pants - Lasenora Boutique creepers
pearl bracelet is made by mom - BRAcelets from anion_store
photography : mom



  1. love your pants <3


  2. I'm into your pants! It looks cool. And I like your story about yourself :)


  3. love the pattern of your pants<3


  4. in love with your top!
    if only perut gue rata kayak lo, bakal sering pamer perut pasti gue Chris hahahha


  5. great look!


  6. motif celananya sama seperti jacketnya tanteku, katanya jacket waktu jaman muda dulu masih bagus sampai skrg !

  7. I prefer to call you CHRISH!!! :p
    your mommy ternyata fashionable juga
    no wonder anaknya begini

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  8. Love love your top Chris!! so chic as usual!
    ciee post perkenalan...


  9. Killer shorts! xx


  10. I used to be a shy person too and somehow bow down and walked awkwardly in front of bunch of people, tapi sekarang malah jadinya ga tau malu. Hahaha. Looking cute as always, deh kamuu! Even prettier in the third picture! ;*


  11. love everything in this photo!<3

    please visit mine,

  12. Nice shorts!
    Anyway mind to follow my blog back? Thankyou<3


  13. Aishhh, I love cat too, apalagi anak kucing >.< btw i love your top, keceee as usual <3

  14. i love your short dear, btw everytime i'm flying with airplane i always afraid too!
    aplagi kalau pesawatnya goyang T.T ahhaha :D