Finally, Jakarta, Bogor, and the the cities near Jakarta got the heat of the sun. The sun has been missing quite long, covered by the thick grey clouds. Rain was always falling almost everyday, since in the morning until night came up. And flood tradition couldn't be avoided. But i think, Jakarta's flood was not as bad as last year. Surprisingly, Manado, the city outside of Jakarta (even out of Java Island) was swept by flash flooding. Many people died and missing from this tragedy, and thousand people got their houses sinked and swept. I feel bad for the victims, because my grandmother, my aunties and my uncles also got the impacts from this flood. Also deep condolences for all of them who missed their families, children, and all the beloved ones. Hopefully they got the help, donation, and everything they need very soon. Just pray for the best and God bless them.

Anyway, today also my outfit post since yesterday was very sunny. So thanks God.
I wore this crop t-shirt with my Levi's high waisted jeans. Also, i have a chance to wear my new pairs from sponsor Lasenora_Boutique. These chunky heels are very comfy <3
 Hi_Ngek top - mom's blazer - Levi's jeans - Forever 21 hat - Lasenora_Boutique heels
 L.I.N.F choker
 Monclaire_ID red glitter bracelets - Greedysassy skull ring

photography : mom



I AM....

I am Chrisnawati Novia Puspitasari. That's my full name. You can call me Sari or Chris, it's up to you. I am an older sister of two. My sister's name Christinawati Angelita Pusparani, or you can call her Rani. Since a lot of people around us said that we look alike, everybody always mixes our name. I am called as Rani and so does my sister. Once, we had same hairstyle and all strange people always asked are we twins etc, haha, lol.
I am a cat lover. I have a female white persian cat named Michi, got from anime name Hanamichi Sakuragi. That's a boy name actually, so we cut it off just Michi, hehehe. She's pregnant now, hopefully her body was healthy.
I am a comic lover  and cartoon characters (well who doesn't ? everybody loves comic and cartoon, whatever the genres). I love to read manga/anime, love serial, Doraemon (imma a big fan of this character), and Kobo-Chan. Thanks to Sailor Moon i can draw since i was a kid. Thanks to Disney Cartoon, i fell in love to the music for the first time, especially English music.
I am a clumsy, careless, and shy person. When i was in the crowd and full of strangers, i would bow my head and walk awkwardly. Thankfully, now i can decrease that my bad habbit a little bit.
I am a katsaridaphobia, phobia of cockroach. I'm afraid of heights and flying with airplane. If you can see me out of town, may be Singapore, Manado, or other places that should be visited by plane, yuppp I'm fighting with my self along the skytrip. I even can cry if the turbulence is very hard. Ironicly, i love to watch air crash investigation on National Geographic or Youtube (stupid me, lol).

Well, that's intro to my post today. Hehehe. Just wanna share again a little bit of me. Actually i wanna share more. But may be on the other post. The idea of my post title is printed on my top i wore here.
Cropped top from Jessnasthasja. I mixed it with my mom's short pants. That's her short when she was bearing me, hohoho.
These shots were taken at Gracia Spa Ciater Hot Spring Resort, where i spent my NYE holiday.
Jessnasthasja cropped top - mom's short pants - Lasenora Boutique creepers
pearl bracelet is made by mom - BRAcelets from anion_store
photography : mom




Rain falls almost everyday, in the morning till night comes. Grey sky is a usual view which i see lately. Umbrella becomes our essential today. Start to wear high rubber boots to avoid the water splashes also the puddle on the street (actually, this is for someone who always use public transportation).
I love rain. I love the chill weather. But for some condition, rain is very bothering me (may be also for other people too). For examples, some of my clothes are not dry enough and become so musty, and then it's hard to take photos outdoor lately. Rain always falls down. And for the the baddast impact from rain is flood everywhere ( I suggest all of you wearing high rubber boots, it helps, hehe lol).
Take multivitamins and eat healthy because in this season, disease start to increase. From flu, cough, until dengue fever. So, take care of your body guys :)

These shots were taken at my room with lack of lights. And definitely, you already know the reason why i took the pictures here, hehe. Anyway, green and sky blue are my color theme today. Green and blue are analogous colors, so when you mix it together, it never goes wrong. Their positions are side by side on color wheel graphic. This lime green lace cropped top was from a thrift store named Trifty_n_Co. Check their collection here !
 L.I.N.F choker - Trifty_n_Co cropped top - ITC Mangga Dua skirt

photography : dad




It's almost two weeks in 2014. How's your week ? How's your day ? I wish you had a great time. I wish you were preparing a new YOU to complete your resolution. I know it's not easy as making a cup noodle but i hope you guys had motivation to be a better person or even better life.
How about mine ?
Well, early 2014 for me is so great. I had an interview with a local newspaper about my blog, my passion in fashion, my education before, and more, (talk about this again later, hehe). Feel blessed more and more. There are few bad habbits i wanna change, but i know this is sooo hard for me. One of them is Imma a forgetful or senile person. OMG. It sucks. It made trouble for me and other people near me. Huhuhu. I need help to wipe this bad bad habbit. May be any of you has suggestion ? It means a lot, hehehe.

Anyway, these shots were taken near my cottage, when i was in Ciater for NYE holiday. There were so many places for taking pictures. Beautiful view and chill air were so perfect to take many shots.
I wore I LIKE YOU cropped longsleeve tee from Mr. Freddy Online and i mixed it with my Chris+Novia midi skirt.
 Mr. Freddy Online cropped tee - Chris+Novia midi skirt - Bellagio pumps - unbranded bag - L.I.N.F choker
 armcandies made by my mom (She has accessories brand named Femm's Collection)

photography : mom