Hello there !
WXG Limited t-shirt - H&M beanie - Gaudi short

Wow, it's been a month i don't update my blog. That's my bad and i apologise :(
But as you can see i only update my instagram account because that's  the easiest way for me to connect with the readers (re : all of you).

Well, if you're asking why i don't update my blog because i had problems with my self. Actually not a big deal but it made me stop updating my blog for awhile. Hehe. Private stuffs :/
And anyway, my favorite photographers which are my parents, they are really busy right now, so it added more reasons why i don't blog lately. My mom just opened a little food stand in Jakarta, Manado cuisine. So yeah, tell me about how busy she is :(

And if you're asking what i've been doing lately, here we go, i'll tell you.

I just resigned from my uncle's office because i wanna have a job which related with my major at college, which is fashion design, or could be anything related with fashion. So, i decided to make my own brand which is delayed again right now. Too bad. Actually, at that time i felt bored with fashion.
So funny. But, do you ever feel that way ? Bored with something you love or something you passion about.

Few weeks ago i was assigned as a speaker at 5 high schools event with Kawanku Magazine and Maybelline New York. That was a cool experience. And actually i don't have a good ability to talk in front of many people, but learning by doing is the easiest way. I gave a presentation about teenage fashion in general and also the tips and trick how mix and match a cool outfits for teenage. May be i will post about this event on my next post.

Last week, i turned 23 yo. Wow ! Become older, i think there are more responsibilities which i have to take. I'm a clumsy person and sometime it becomes a bad impact for me and others around me. And i want to cut those bad habits, once again, learning by doing. Hopefully i can be a better person in the future. I can make my parents proud of what i'm doing.
My birthday was so special because i celebrated with my boyfriend. He played sweet things to me. And i was so happy. Beyond happy. He was nice and i appreciate every little things he did to me for making me happy :) At night, me, my family, and my boyfriend had dinner together at his restaurant.

Okay enough for this long talk.

Here are some cool songs for this gloomy days :

1. ZHU - Faded
2. Honne - The Night
3. The Twelves - When You Talk
4. The Twelves - Works For Me
5. Metric - Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)
6. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix)
7. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
8. MSMR - Hurricane
9. Young Franco - Brooklyn
10. Luke Million - Light and Sound (Young Franco Remix)

And here i wanna share my friend's Mixtape :

I Heart Summer by Arsugi Aryanto

Hope you enjoy these songs and enjoy our last month of the year :))




Halo everyone ?
How's it going ?
Time flies so fast, and i bet these phrase already said many times. It's October already, 2 months left and 2014 will find its end.
Talking about time, sometime i feel i dont appreciate much time i have.
Do you ever feel the same with me ?
Hopefully i can reach my dreams better by appreciating time which God already gave to me everyday.
And yess, if you follow me thru my instagram, now i'm working on my own clothing line brand. Just started last month, now it's on production phase and i wish it went well and would be accepted in this fashion industry. Just wait, it's coming soon :) *fingercrossed*

Anyway, i got this muscle tee from another local brand here, DCL Clothing . I love the statement words on it. "Dream but Do Not Sleep" . It's true tho. You can dream anything you want, but in order to reach your dreams, you must not sleep, otherwise you have to run, work, and pray for it !

And fyi, i just had addiction to bucket hat. And this one is my newest bucket hat from Locale Jakarta. This bucket hat is reversible, how cool is that.
 Localejkt bucket hat - DCL Clothing muscle tee - Jansport backpack - unbranded short - NB shoes
photography : mom

And here they are, my fave songs these week :
1. Fox Stevenson - Tico
2. Fox Stevenson - Sweet
3. Andain - Promises (Keith Herman's Unconditional Love Mix)
4. Wekeed - Wild Child
5. Odesza ft. Monsoonsiren - Memories That You Call
6. Odesza ft. Madelyn Grant - Sun Models
7. Odesza ft. Zyra - Say My Name (RAC Remix)
8. Snakehips - After I Met U
9. Snakehips - Forever
10. Owl Eyes - Hurricane (Cassian Remix)

All of you can see those songs at my soundcloud account HERE !




Halo readers !
It's almost been a month since my last post. How are you guys doing ? I'm still workin on my clothing brand. Hopefully it went well and can be launched soon.
Anyway yesterday i went to Euphoria Project at Central Park.
Who were going there too ? 
If you wonderin what Euphoria Project is, you can check its instagram @euphoriaproject
The event was held on 9th - 14th Sept.
I went there twice. A lot of cool local brand stuffs there. I bought from KZL Project 's booth.
KZL is a localbrand based in Bandung. The brand focuses on t-shirt with statement words. 
I bought BULL.SHIT bucket hat, love the hat so much because i wore it almost everyday since the first time i bought it.
These pictures were taken by Fujifilm AX1. The results were cool, as good as dslr camera.
 KZL bucket hat - unbranded top - Forever 21 high waisted short - PINX sandals

photographer : Martin Natadipraja

And currently i'm listening to these songs :
1. Two Bodies - Flight Facilities ft. Emma Louise
2. Always - Panama (Clasixx Remix)
3. Shame - All The Colours (That's Nice Remix)
4. You Know You Like It - Aluna George (Tchami Remix)
5. Stay With Us - Seoul

See you again on my next post !




Hi there !
So sorry for the long hiatus of me. Well actually, i have so many stories to tell you.
Hmmm. Like i don't know where i have to start, lol.
First of all if you follow me on instagram i made a big decision for my body. Yup ! I got three new tattoos, on my right back and on my left hand. If you wanna see the details, just check them out at my instagram.
If you wanna ask, "how i got my parents' permission", actually quite hard. Well, they also got tattoed but parents are always be parents. Then finally, i got those ! *yeay*
Secondly, i resigned from my job. As you know i had job which was not my passion at all. But i appreciated my uncle to give me that job opportunity. I learnt how to earn money, more patience with your job, and interact with other people such as clients. For me there's no regrets. Everything happened for reasons.
And finally, i made that decision is because i want to continue what should i do in a long time ago after i graduated hehehe. Yup ! I want to focus on my own clothing brand. Hopefully it went well ! May be it sounds cheesy or cliche, but i really hope i could make my parents proud through this. Amen.
For more updates about my daily dose just follow my instagram @chrisnawatinovia

This is an old outfit post again. I supposed to post it last month but didnt have a chance.
So, the outfits are still in floral theme again. As you see, my hair was still in turquoise. *FYI, my hair is blue right now, lol*

I wore Topshop cropped top, i mixed it up with my floral skirt that i bought at Metro Department Store. Aaannd, another flower crown. I'm addicted to floral crown you know, hehehe.
 Topshop cropped top - Metro Dept Store skirt - JuneandJulia heels - Forever 21 floral crown

By the way, start from this post i wanna share about my playlist or my fave songs lately.
For the first one i wanna share my friend's mixtape. His name is Oggie. He's a DJ and i think his mixtape was really good to hear and really fine to enjoy.

Just check it out HERE !




Time flies so fast, holidays are coming !
What's your plan for your holiday dear readers ?
Mine is not really special but my family time, me and my family are going to Lembang (as usual) and going to spend our short getaway there.
Hopefully you all had a great holiday and fun time with your lovelies <3

Anyway, these are the other shots of mine which taken by my friends for their project.
I wore thrift top from my aunt and preloved skirt from Clara Devi (Lucadale.co) which i bought at Infare Part III. I paired my outfits with my Litha boots from June and Julia.
thrifted top and skirt - Forever 21 hat - June+Julia boots - JT by Josephine Tan clutch
photography : Venny. Myrnia. and Levi




If you follow my instagram, i already post about my very first fashion video which made by the one and only Angga Gadutism.
He is a very talented videographer, and such an honor i can be one of his model for his videos.
You can check his masterpieces here !

Well anyway, this is the video, hopefully you can enjoy this short video :)


Location : Ancol Carnaval Beach




Hi ! Long time no see, right ?
How are you guys doing ? Hope you all are doing great.
I've been busy lately with my work at the office. *end of discussion* lol
Actually, there are a lots of stuffs i want to share you guys about my days lately. May be soon.
Anyway, here are my outfits post which were taken almost 3 or 4 weeks ago hihihi
I was helping my friends to be their model, as they were doing final project assignments.
Hopefully you still enjoy reading my blog here :)

In this post finally i can wear my new floral crown from Inspired by Luce by Lucedale and i wore my see through top from Argyle and Oxford. I already wore this top twice. Just cant get enough with this top. I mixed it with my floral skirt from my online shop @chrisnovia_shop . And i didnt forget to wear my fave summer sandals from PINX.
 Inspired by Luce floral crown - Argyle and Oxford top - Chrisnovia Shop skirt - PINX sandals

photography : my friends (Venny, Myrnia, and Levi)