Hello all loveable peeps :)
Now, i just literally woke and got up of my bed, and i'm starting to write new post here.
Skip for outfits post just awhile. I wanna share about my thoughts, opinion, or well..i think i just wanna talk here, hehe.
Time flies so fast, and we all are here, in the edge of this year again. Christmas is near and the changing year is even closer. I love this December and Christmas-ish vibe. If the other world has fall season, not in here, we only have rainy season, but i think it's quite enough too add some kind of gloomy day of Christmas. Anyway, do you already have a plan for Christmas holiday or even New Year's Eve ? I have one though :) Whatever you planned for holiday i wish it all went well.
Anyway i want to answer the questions from few of my followers at my twitter and some of them ask me directly through LINE. I'm happy with all your questions actually, it means you concern and care about my blog :)

Talking about 2013. 

This year is so marvelously, fabulously and extremely great. Full of blessings and surprises. I've said that i already blogged since 2009, and i erased it. In this year i decided to come back for blogging and i didn't expect what i got this year. Blogging become one of my fortune and a way to make my dream come true. 
I feel blessed now, because my family is really supportive about my blog. Even my parents became my loyal photographer after my sister. My dad always reminds me to make an innovation at my blog, it feels like how's your dad become so concern about this kind of stuff and it made me so happy and touch. They were used to be lazy or grumpy when i ask for help to take my outfit pics, now even they suggest me to go to somewhere else or beautiful place to take a photo.
I never expected that i could be featured at my fave magazines or even newspaper. I never expected that i could inspire other people just by seeing my blog, instagram, facebook, or other soc-med. I even never expected that i could be had fans or loyal readers. Alsoo, I never expected that i could be endorsement object of online store. Many things and many stuffs that i never expected that i could get through blogging. Sometime, those things still surprise me because i am really new with these kind of environment, but I am so so so extremely happy with all of i got as God's blessing.

What else i got from blogging ? 

Apart of got free stuffs or free invitation for launching event, I also got new friends indeed. Making new friends is a fun thing to do. I have new community (bloggers of course) where i can discuss about blogging, share ideas or opinion about blogging or outfits or whatever we like.

What i should prepare or what i should do for becoming a fashion blogger ?

Actually, i just prepare a laptop and an internet connection, lol. But it's true ! For all of you who want to be a blogger, you should make it. Just sign up at blogger.com , tumblr, or whatever site you want to sign up for. Become a fashion blogger, you don't have to go to fashion school or take a fashion major for your college. Fashion school is just to help people to learn and dig more about fashion (bussiness, marchandising, and design) which actually can make you smarter about fashion than who's not study fashion, but still it depends of what is your trully passion for learning and studying. FYI, some of already-known and really famous Indonesian bloggers are not fashion students, for example Sonia Eryka (which is my fave), Diana Rikasari, Anaztasia Siantar, and more. They are not fashion students, but they have passion in fashion. For having a fashion knowledge you can googling or read style.com or other fashion site (so thanks to the internet !), you can also read fashion magazines. Those really help you to add some new knowledge about fashion. And note this, fashion blogger is not an occupation (for now, idk how's in the future), just do it for fun and as a hobby.

What is my plan in the future ?

As you know i was fashion graduates. I'm hoping for the best for me and for my blog. I wanna have my own brand, even though i already have, but i wanna make it longlasting. 
My dream now, i wanna go to school abroad. I wanna go to Milan and study there. I even learn new language. I am very wishing and hoping but it still depends of what God plans for me. *pray for me*

Anyway, if you have more questions about me, my blog, or whatever, you can ask me trough ask.fm, you can follow me HERE 
And thank you so much for all of your support, opinion, and critics for my blog.
God bless you all.



  1. yes, agree with you.blogging is something that really fun for me :D

    This is real and This is me

  2. totally agree . I wish you luck for your future <3


  3. that is so true nov! in fact im not even fashion major, just happen to be fashion passionate :) I'll definitely pray and support so you'll be able to study abroad nov! especially kalau study nya di London >,<


  4. I'm agree with you! do something with our big heart so much fun. every fashion blogger around this world are my inspiration. I must say thank to all of them, and you too :))

  5. so true!
    and about your dad~ sama banget, awalnya my parents thought blogging tuh cuma iseng-iseng doang tapi setelah burp waktu baru den, di support hehehe
    agree with oak anise, di london aja kkk~ (aku juga pengen bisa lanjut ke london) well, kemanapun jadinya... goodluck! wishing you all the best in life~ <3


  6. ah so true btw
    keep blogging and keep up dear :D

    same like anisa, i'm not even take fashion major. i''ve learn about fashion by myself by reading fashion magz or fashion webs.
    so proud of you for having a big big dream
    wish your dream comes true <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  8. super lovely writings about blogging and your life :)
    blogging makes us keep learning new things and make us get new experiences <3

    sweet and sugars,

  9. thankyou for sharing, really love your thoughts!

    and the photograph is amazing :')

  10. You got the best family ever! It reminds me of my dad who also used to take my outfit pictures when I was in Medan. Keep on blogging no matter what ya saar! I'm wishing the best for you. Semoga mimpinya buat belajar di Milan kesampean yaa aminnnnn ;)


  11. setujuuu... blogging emang banyak manfaatnya. good luck ya buat cita2nya :)

  12. awesome post
    check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other via gfc and bloglovin

  13. aaaa your dad is so sweet >.<, sometimes my dad is also my photographer heheh :D
    Pray for you, so you can study aboard :)
    btw love ur picture


  14. going to support everything you do, in a good way.
    a lot of chances are available for such a nice girl like you.
    kiss my cheek! haha

  15. dream big and good luck for ur future!

    would you like to follow each other?
    Gfc / google plus: http://sunrise-emily.blogspot.com
    Please, let me know! ;)

  16. cute photo! its great that you gain so much by blogging....

  17. looking pretty and way to go with you blog!
    style frontier

  18. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  19. Maybe Milan together someday in the future?? :D Pray for you def, gorgie! :*

    Cheers to us and to fashion ;D

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  20. I have the same feelings about blogging, just like you, Im start blogging since 2009, and vacum for a while, but blogging always being the good times for me, I'll always enjoy blogging :)
    Good luck for your course, break the leg chris hehe <3