2013 is almost ended. Well, just like a year, two years, or three years, or years before, when we are facing the edge of the year, we certainly make a reflection about what already happened in this year and also make a resolution for the next year. Actually it is an usual thing we do every year or may be every time.
So what's your reflection and your resolution ?
Mine ?
To me 2013 was full of surprises. Happiness and sadness become one.
What is my happiness this year ?
A lot !
I graduated from design school this year, i made my final project perfectly (even i wasn't the best student or i got the best scores) i gave my best on it. Fashion design become one of my major world in my life. I can't leave it behind. I can't leave fashion. I already jumped into it like almost 3 years ago. I'm so thankful to my parents who always support me until now no matter what. From financial support to mental support. They are the best !
Jumped into fashion media or journal like magazine and blog. These things are so awesome. As you know, i was an intern stylist and finally become a freelance stylist at InStyle Indonesia Magazine. I think that was one of my best experience that happened in my life this year. I met new people. I met new mentor, like the one and only Alvin Dwipayana. He's the best of becoming a good mentor.
Blogger or fashion blogger. Well actually, i'm honoured that people call me that. It looks so easy and simple, but you know, actually become a good fashion blogger which already have a loyal reader is quite hard. You will meet the haters which sometime it hurts to my self though. But, that's called blessing in disguise, hihihi.
Until right now i don't expect that my blog could inspire other people, or even have readers. (thankyou my readers, you guys are osoom!!) In 2013, i feel blessed through blogging stuffs. Met new loveable blogger fellas. They are so friendly, cute, and amazing. They have their own characteristics. It's very nice to know them all. Also, I got featured in three teen magazines this year and again i wasn't expected that. My ig followers grows since i got featured, many questions came through my ask.fm account. Wow. I overwhelmed-ly happy >.<
22 ! Yess, this year i turned 22 yo. Not sooo young anymore, but i admit it that i'm a childish person. VERY. hahaha. But what made me so happy in my birthday,beside my family gave me surprise and gathered to pray for me, was the birthday wishes from all the unknown people who said it at my instagram. My readers. Only birthday wishes but it meant a lot to me. So, thankyou again.

I guess there are still a lot of happiness i got, but may be i can't put it here one by one hehehe

So, how about the sadness ??
Yup i have it too. Everyone does.
Broken heart. (period) hahaha
Yes, love come and go. Hopefully he got the better one and i got the BEST one, lol :)

Many things happened in our life, especially in 2013. Let us hope to God for having a great year again in 2014.

Happy New Year 2014 wish you had a great time in the New Year's Eve. See the fireworks. Pray with all the loves one. Hope we could become a better person next year :)

God bless you all !




How's your holiday everyone ? I wish your holiday went so well wherever you wanna go or just stay at home instead. Well, because i work which i follow the usual calendar so i don't have a long holiday, but thanks God i have opportunity to stay around with my family on New Year's Eve. We planned to go to Ciater hot spring resort as my father's favorite place for vacation.

Anyway, this is my simple outfit which i wore after went to church yesterday. Just had a family gathering after church. And came up with playful idea for the photoshoot. So, i took this sailor dress from Gabrielle Clothing and combined it with my fave boots plus my shocking pink polkadots bandana. As this is a playful, cheerful, and fun shot so, you can see a lot of selfies of mine, hihihi, lol.

 Gabrielle Clothing sailor dress - unbranded bandana - IWear sunnies - JuneandJulia boots
 Selfies with my sister >.<
 Well...okay..these are the part of my 'dibuang sayang' moment, hahaha, lol.
My sleepyhead face when i was captured by my sister.

photography : my sister




Merry Christmas everyone ! May you have a great one and take a deeper meaning of Christmas this year. May you have a great time with all the love one, family and friends. May you have a joyful yet peaceful day. May you have a Christmas miracle and hope you all could share your happiness, gifts, and blessings to other people who still leaving in their sadness, poorness, madness, depressed. May you be a good friend, a great listener, or even a best gift for them.
God bless you all !

Anyway, today i wore this vintage dress of my mom. As you know imma floral pattern freaks hehe, so i wore this dress with floral wedges from Amante.
I started to try this outfit with my fave hat, but i think it looked weird. So i put my sunnies on B-)

 Mom's dress - unbranded sunnies - Aldo bag - Amante wedges
 So, these are the candid pics that my sister took>.<
Borneo Be armcandies

photography : my sister




Quite long hiatus of me, hihihi. Same reason same problem with other bloggers >.< Yess, i've been busy lately and quite of tired. As you know i take Italy lessons three days a week at 7 pm until 9, so you can imagine i come home by train and always arrive midnite late at home after the lessons. May be my body can't compromise any longer so i got tired. But, may be this is a thing which i should pay to study abroad. Hopefully God sees my effort *croosedfingers* Most of all, i'm still hoping the best for me :) Well, because i got tired, so every (last two) weekend(s) i just wanted to lay down on my bed, or may be watch tv and stay at home. I'm freaking lazy to go out because home is the best place ever hehehe. And pluus, the gloomy weather even worst. Rain every morning, freezing at night (even though we don't have snow but lately the weather become colder than before).
Enough talking about my laziness and gloomy weather. You know holiday is comiiing (but not for me, yess i still work even in the Christmas eve and New Year eve) and Christmas day is near. Actually i don't feel the Christmas vibe this year, may be i don't feel the holiday either haha.
Anyway, this is my outfit post (finaleeh). I took my outfits which had red and green touch on it, yupp, just to join the celebration of Christmas, i think i should wear Christmas colors for the outfits :)
I was wearing red-green plaids shirt with red synthetics crocs leather and my fave creepers from my sponsor Lasenora Boutique.
What makes me so happy too is i got my new arm candies from my new sponsor Borneo Be. They are so lovely. You can find a new kind of jewelries with touch of vintage style, which is like the most about this jewel brand. Not only armcandies but you can find necklaces, earring, dreamcatcher, even headpiece ! And for the price, you guys don't be worried, their accessories are affordable and have good quality :)  You can check their collection here ! 
Almost forgot their website is really lovely and it has many article which really helpful, like DIYs or tips and trick.

unbranded plaids shirt and bag - Chris+Novia leather skirt - Forever21 hat - Sox Gallery socks - Lasenora Boutique creepers
 The details of the arm candies are so cute right <3
Well, okay this is a bonus pics, i got captured with the close eyes. And it happens all the time haha. Yup, i know i know i have small slanted eyes, haha.

photography : dad

By the way, i got featured agaaain (omg :') ) at Girlfriend Indonesia December Issues. Thanks God >.<
Notes : if you want to ask me anything, you can ask me through my ask.fm account, here.




Hello all loveable peeps :)
Now, i just literally woke and got up of my bed, and i'm starting to write new post here.
Skip for outfits post just awhile. I wanna share about my thoughts, opinion, or well..i think i just wanna talk here, hehe.
Time flies so fast, and we all are here, in the edge of this year again. Christmas is near and the changing year is even closer. I love this December and Christmas-ish vibe. If the other world has fall season, not in here, we only have rainy season, but i think it's quite enough too add some kind of gloomy day of Christmas. Anyway, do you already have a plan for Christmas holiday or even New Year's Eve ? I have one though :) Whatever you planned for holiday i wish it all went well.
Anyway i want to answer the questions from few of my followers at my twitter and some of them ask me directly through LINE. I'm happy with all your questions actually, it means you concern and care about my blog :)

Talking about 2013. 

This year is so marvelously, fabulously and extremely great. Full of blessings and surprises. I've said that i already blogged since 2009, and i erased it. In this year i decided to come back for blogging and i didn't expect what i got this year. Blogging become one of my fortune and a way to make my dream come true. 
I feel blessed now, because my family is really supportive about my blog. Even my parents became my loyal photographer after my sister. My dad always reminds me to make an innovation at my blog, it feels like how's your dad become so concern about this kind of stuff and it made me so happy and touch. They were used to be lazy or grumpy when i ask for help to take my outfit pics, now even they suggest me to go to somewhere else or beautiful place to take a photo.
I never expected that i could be featured at my fave magazines or even newspaper. I never expected that i could inspire other people just by seeing my blog, instagram, facebook, or other soc-med. I even never expected that i could be had fans or loyal readers. Alsoo, I never expected that i could be endorsement object of online store. Many things and many stuffs that i never expected that i could get through blogging. Sometime, those things still surprise me because i am really new with these kind of environment, but I am so so so extremely happy with all of i got as God's blessing.

What else i got from blogging ? 

Apart of got free stuffs or free invitation for launching event, I also got new friends indeed. Making new friends is a fun thing to do. I have new community (bloggers of course) where i can discuss about blogging, share ideas or opinion about blogging or outfits or whatever we like.

What i should prepare or what i should do for becoming a fashion blogger ?

Actually, i just prepare a laptop and an internet connection, lol. But it's true ! For all of you who want to be a blogger, you should make it. Just sign up at blogger.com , tumblr, or whatever site you want to sign up for. Become a fashion blogger, you don't have to go to fashion school or take a fashion major for your college. Fashion school is just to help people to learn and dig more about fashion (bussiness, marchandising, and design) which actually can make you smarter about fashion than who's not study fashion, but still it depends of what is your trully passion for learning and studying. FYI, some of already-known and really famous Indonesian bloggers are not fashion students, for example Sonia Eryka (which is my fave), Diana Rikasari, Anaztasia Siantar, and more. They are not fashion students, but they have passion in fashion. For having a fashion knowledge you can googling or read style.com or other fashion site (so thanks to the internet !), you can also read fashion magazines. Those really help you to add some new knowledge about fashion. And note this, fashion blogger is not an occupation (for now, idk how's in the future), just do it for fun and as a hobby.

What is my plan in the future ?

As you know i was fashion graduates. I'm hoping for the best for me and for my blog. I wanna have my own brand, even though i already have, but i wanna make it longlasting. 
My dream now, i wanna go to school abroad. I wanna go to Milan and study there. I even learn new language. I am very wishing and hoping but it still depends of what God plans for me. *pray for me*

Anyway, if you have more questions about me, my blog, or whatever, you can ask me trough ask.fm, you can follow me HERE 
And thank you so much for all of your support, opinion, and critics for my blog.
God bless you all.




Happy Sunday everyone !
November was just over, it was so great, and i think it was the best November i ever had, hehe. Hopefully next November will be more surprisefully amazing :D
And Christmas is near, just can't wait >.<
Anyway, my outfits' theme for today was clashing patterns. Paisley and Plaids.
So i took my mom's shirt and just mixed it with my plaids pants from Nassgorju, a local brand from Bali. And finally i had a chance to wear my new pairs from Damnawsm shoes, i was craving for white shoes, and here they are <3

Here's my photo of my my lovely, greatest, and sweet photographer. She is my sister.
Talking about November, yess, i turned into 22. Never more grateful than this. I had my family gathered for dinner and prayed for me. I wished i could be better next year. And i wanna say thank you for all of your wishes that you said through instagram, twitter, and other social medias. It meant a lot to me. :)