Hola my readers !
I have a good news for all of you shoe lover !
I want to introduce you the pretty, gorgeous, and remarkable new pairs in Indonesia, Sachlirene Shoes.
What is so special about these pretty shoes ? And why i keep saying they're pretty ?
But truly, they are pretty and gorgeous.
And the very special about these shoes is their Wondersole. And it becomes their pretty signature.
What is Wondersole ? Let me tell you, Sachlirene Shoes gives a lovely twist for every its customer by giving them a little personal message in their Sole ! And surprisingly, every customer would not know about the message until they open up the box and see their pretty shoes literally. So, Sachlirene makes you so special too <3
Other than that, Sachlirene Indonesia website has two cool features which can help you to shop and decide your shoes with your fave color !
The first one is "CHOOSE MY COLOR" feature. What can you do with this ?
Yupp!! None other than you can mix and match your own shoes with your favorite color, like I said before.
And woilaaa, you have your own colors <3
Finally the second one is "SIZE GUIDE" . You don't have to be affraid of buying shoes online. Sachlirene Indonesia helps you with this. Just follow the steps below and it's easy like one two three, hehe :)
And yay ! All of you can buy new pretty shoes <3
But, how about the payment method ? Sachlirene Indonesia gives you an easy way to shop and pay. It has a currency menu, so you can shop in two USD (US Dollar) or even in IDR (Indonesia Rupiah). Beside that, you can pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer. As simple as that right ?

If you all already curious about this pretty shoes, just go and click click click its website here !
Happy shopping ladies !!