Hola my lovely readers !

For all of you who are shoes lover especially for boots, i bet you must know this iconic brand, Timberland which was introduced to the world since 1973. And yes ! It's just celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Quite old right ? That's why you must know its quality and brand performance along these years. Timberland might have its own way to make it long lasting and to keep its loyal customer.

The euphoria of celebration sparked until here in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Timberland's die hard fans should be happy since it announced the opening of its Jakarta's third stand-alone store in Plaza Indonesia after Senayan City and Lotte Shopping Avenue. The store specificly is located on the fourth floor of Plaza Indonesia.

This 40th Celebration of the Iconic Yellow Boots was also enlivened by introducing its 8 of limited and teamed up project of 6" boots from various collaborations featuring Japanese designer, artist, musician, and photographer. Are you wondering how the 6" boots look like ?
Timberland today, is addressed for a generation that values authenticity, sustainability, and the return of quality craftsmanship. The platform says it all “Best Then. Better Now”. Well, we can see now why Timberland is still stand out with the world changing.

The grand opening of Timberland's store was held on 31st October 2013 and legally opened by Jaclyn Halim as Chief Operations Officer of Metroxgroup for Timberland Indonesia. The event also was hosted by few celebrities, such as Riyanni Djangkaru, Nadine Chandrawinata, Samuel Rizal, Alexandra Asmasoebrata, and more.
 The celebrities just too cool and were dressed in Timberland outfits, head to toe !
 You might see the crowd, they were enthusiastic welcomed the new store of Timberland and of course the 6" LTD Premium Boots
photography : Metrox Team