Very ironic but true I'm not a flower (literally) fan, but i'm so in love with floral pattern. And i can't resist my addiction to it. I just love flowers when it's printed on a piece of fabric.
I can have few clothes with floral pattern on it. That pattern helps your look become more adorable, sweet, and lovely.
Talking about floral pattern, i got new member of my floral clothes. My floral shirt is another stuff from Second Stuff Project. Come on check the other thrifted stuff of them. 
And here they are, what made my day sooo happy today, even though i'm not feeling well, these pairs really helped me to smile, hihihi *girls, LOL* I have my first floral loafers from Bear House Shoes. It is a local shoes brand (support for local brand, hoho). It has a lots of lovely and adorable shoes. You can check its collection here !

 Second Stuff Project shirt - Chris+Novia skirt - Bear House Shoes floral loafers - Forever 21 hat - JT clutch

photography : mom



Hola my lovely readers !

For all of you who are shoes lover especially for boots, i bet you must know this iconic brand, Timberland which was introduced to the world since 1973. And yes ! It's just celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Quite old right ? That's why you must know its quality and brand performance along these years. Timberland might have its own way to make it long lasting and to keep its loyal customer.

The euphoria of celebration sparked until here in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Timberland's die hard fans should be happy since it announced the opening of its Jakarta's third stand-alone store in Plaza Indonesia after Senayan City and Lotte Shopping Avenue. The store specificly is located on the fourth floor of Plaza Indonesia.

This 40th Celebration of the Iconic Yellow Boots was also enlivened by introducing its 8 of limited and teamed up project of 6" boots from various collaborations featuring Japanese designer, artist, musician, and photographer. Are you wondering how the 6" boots look like ?
Timberland today, is addressed for a generation that values authenticity, sustainability, and the return of quality craftsmanship. The platform says it all “Best Then. Better Now”. Well, we can see now why Timberland is still stand out with the world changing.

The grand opening of Timberland's store was held on 31st October 2013 and legally opened by Jaclyn Halim as Chief Operations Officer of Metroxgroup for Timberland Indonesia. The event also was hosted by few celebrities, such as Riyanni Djangkaru, Nadine Chandrawinata, Samuel Rizal, Alexandra Asmasoebrata, and more.
 The celebrities just too cool and were dressed in Timberland outfits, head to toe !
 You might see the crowd, they were enthusiastic welcomed the new store of Timberland and of course the 6" LTD Premium Boots
photography : Metrox Team 



How's your day lovelies ?
Today i decided to be playful with my vintage shirt. Well, i know vintage style is identical with classy and elegant look, but you can come out with those comfort zone, can't you ?
Anyway I'm so happy got this thrifted shirt from online shop at instagram called Second Stuff Project, thank you for giving me this, as you know i'm a fan of thrifted stuffs >.<
And you can check their stuffs here !
I wore my shirt with this cyan blue short pants. Just love with the blue-ish combination, made your look more playful and fresh.

 Second Stuff Project shirt - unbranded short pants - June+Julia boots

photography : my super dad >.<




Hola my readers !
I have a good news for all of you shoe lover !
I want to introduce you the pretty, gorgeous, and remarkable new pairs in Indonesia, Sachlirene Shoes.
What is so special about these pretty shoes ? And why i keep saying they're pretty ?
But truly, they are pretty and gorgeous.
And the very special about these shoes is their Wondersole. And it becomes their pretty signature.
What is Wondersole ? Let me tell you, Sachlirene Shoes gives a lovely twist for every its customer by giving them a little personal message in their Sole ! And surprisingly, every customer would not know about the message until they open up the box and see their pretty shoes literally. So, Sachlirene makes you so special too <3
Other than that, Sachlirene Indonesia website has two cool features which can help you to shop and decide your shoes with your fave color !
The first one is "CHOOSE MY COLOR" feature. What can you do with this ?
Yupp!! None other than you can mix and match your own shoes with your favorite color, like I said before.
And woilaaa, you have your own colors <3
Finally the second one is "SIZE GUIDE" . You don't have to be affraid of buying shoes online. Sachlirene Indonesia helps you with this. Just follow the steps below and it's easy like one two three, hehe :)
And yay ! All of you can buy new pretty shoes <3
But, how about the payment method ? Sachlirene Indonesia gives you an easy way to shop and pay. It has a currency menu, so you can shop in two USD (US Dollar) or even in IDR (Indonesia Rupiah). Beside that, you can pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer. As simple as that right ?

If you all already curious about this pretty shoes, just go and click click click its website here !
Happy shopping ladies !!




Never more grateful than this again, November is such a full of blessing. I never thought that my hobby and my passion could inspire other people. Thank you so much for my lovely readers.
Got news from my friend that i got featured at this new website PricePanda Indonesia as Blogger of the week. Such an honour, thank you PricePanda Indonesia.

Talking about this new website just knew that PricePanda Indonesia is the best website for comparing price value a product and also giving information about the newest products. It can help you to shop online or even offline. It gives you a spesification and details explanation about all products from many aspects, like beauty, fashion, health, and even electronics stuffs. So you don't have to be confused about the details of your products you want to buy.
If you all are wondering how it can work, just go and click its website here !




Yess, this "Knowledge" crewneck sweater i bought it at Dignity's booth in Brightspot Market. This sweater is very comfy as well. Very suit for this season, cos it makes you warmly cool, hehe. Love the material of the sweater, not itchy to my body skin. And Beside that, the design is also supercool and memorable.
 Gowigasa hat - Dignity "Knowledge" sweater - Chris+Novia skirt

 This is my favorite detail of the sweater <3
 Greedysassy and the Little Things She Needs rings - Forever 21 wedges
photography : my sister

Thankyou for reading and visiting my blog <3




Yesterday i went to Brightspot Market with my besties only for seeing "DIGNITY" directly (of course i bought one, hehe, lol). This local brand is growing famous now among local bloggers, fashion stylist, even band musician. Well actually, Dignity is a clothing line for men, but it has unisex pieces, like the crewneck sweaters, snapbacks and beanies, also this "1st Class" tee which i wore today. I love it very much. It's really comfy, wearable, and effortlessly cool.
Dignity is very recommended. It has a good quality with reasonable price. You guys can check its collection at here or check its instagram here .

DIGNITY "1st Class" tee - unbranded leggings - Forever 21 hat and wedges
Greedysassy ring - Aldo bag

photographer : my sister