Have been busy lately. Yup ! I am working at my uncle's company right now, as an intern. Well, actually i'm doing a job which no related with fashion, haha. I work at oil company. How come ? I bet you can guess why, hahaha, LOL.

Anyways. I'm happy can update my blog again :D
Today i wore Kaboom (comic) skirt from platform_shop, i already bought this skirt about 2 months ago. And just have a chance to wear it now.
Played it with yellow, soft green, and black. Also i tried it in two different looks.

unbranded black top - mom's blazer - platform_shop skirt - shopandswag HYPE beanie - EMSproject loafers

photography : my sister

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Dear friends, dear people..
I wanna ask you to come to INFARE GARAGE MARKET, if you had time..

There will be a charity garage sale which led by this awesome designer and blogger, Catherine Soepadi.
Alsoo, there are many bloggers join this garage sale, like Gabriella Olivia, Ines Ariani, Lulut M., Elisabeth Paramita, Mitha Komala, and many awesome bloggers more !

I hope you guys can have fun with us there.

Don't forget to save the time !
Thank you so much <3




As you know yesterday was Indonesia's Independence day. Our people wore something red and white definitely to honor it, consider our flag's colors are red and white. And it becomes out tradition or our dresscode for that day.
Talking about Indonesia, actually this is so complicated. Indonesia has the most complicated government and bureaucracy i've ever seen (i don't know what about other country,but just look it by yourself). Corruption. Criminalism. Deception. Poverty. Ignorance. Illness. There are only few problems that our country faces every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and every time. Well, i think other country also face those problems too, but as developing country those are complex problems that not easy to solve it. Even, our country is facing the hottest issues, like Racism and Religionism. If I'm an Indonesia country, i think i must be dead right now. Having those issues just like have serious ill.
Underestimate, mocking, and insulting the country become so normal to do. Whereas our country needs to be supported.
People are easy to see flaws than goodness in it. I think, Indonesia also has many positive things. You know, Indonesians are famous with their kindness and friendly attitude. And it's true. Many tourists admit itself. Also the tourism places in Indonesia. Indonesia's beaches, Indonesia's mountains, Indonesia's forests, and Indonesia's seas are very famous with their beautifulness, exotic animals and florals, even the panorama views are amazing. Like in Bali (no doubt), Lombok, Papua, Java, Borneo, and Sulawesi even the complicated city in Indonesia, Jakarta has its charm in tourists eyes. 
Beside that, many achievement which Indonesia already got in many aspects like academics, sports, and fashion. In fashion, yup, you know the famous fabric in Indonesia, Batik. Batik and weaving fabrics from Lombok already goes global. They become our heritage. Global designer like Dries van Noten already used it in his collection. Not only the fabrics, even the fashion people starts to be noticed globally. Fashion designers and even bloggers.

So, as young generation we have to be a good civilian even we can improve our country with our ability and our own talents, instead of mocking or insulting the government or the country. :) Enough talking, just wanna say Congratulation Indonesia and Happy 68th Anniversary.

Today i played sweet and simple. I wore Batik skirt to the church. My vintage top, i got it from my aunty. She wore it when she was young lady.

thrifted vintage top - Super sunnies - unbranded Batik skirt - thrifted clutch - white loafers

photography : my mom

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Happy Eid Mubarak everyone !

I know holiday almost over. And i spent my holiday in Jakarta to company my sister with her university orientation time. As you know many people in Jakarta went out the town, made Jakarta became so quiet (not literally indeed, hehe) and i'm happy can spent the time in Jakarta without traffic jam.
By the way..
This is a latepost. Last week i wore this thrifted denim dress, my favorite one, and i mixed it with cyan blue shirt from Mark & Spencer. Beside that, i had a chance to wear my blue flower crown from Chloria Flowercrown. Go check its instagram, it has so many gorgeous flower crown.

Chloria flowercrown - Mark & Spencer shirt - thrifted denim dress - customize flat shoes 

photography : my sister

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Yesterday i went to house of my bestfriend, Reiko. And, sudden we decided to do a little photoshoot. Well, actually we didn't have any specifically theme for that photoshoot. As I told you, that was a sudden photo shoot, hehehe. 
I had already wore another 90s  outfits from home. So, she decided to wear something different. She wanted to wear something basics.
These are few shots of our little photo shoot.

 My SUPER 76 oversized tee, i bought it on Bugis Street when i was in Singapore. I love the color combination which is very eye catching. And the flannel checkered shirt reminds me of Christmas colors. My mom bought it for me.

Topman beanie - thrifted denim shorts - Slamstuff New Balance 574 

Super sunnies 

photography : my friend, Reiko Raisa

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By the way, hopefully you all may enjoy the holiday.
And, Happy Ied Mubarak for all of you who celebrate the day.
May victory, happiness, and blessing from God be with all of you.




As we know 90s fashion is on track right now. And one of the iconic fashion item is cropped top. Yup ! 90s teenagers were used to wear that until their belly button is showed off. 
For nowadays fashion, i think cropped top suits with high waisted bottom outfits :)

I just received my cropped top from Jessnasthasja.

Jessnastashja cropped top - Topman beanie - unbranded bag and skirt - Mika necklace

 June and Julia lita boots

photography : my boyfriend

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