Holiday is not always about traveling around the globe. You can visit recreation places near you in your town. Just like me now hoho.
Anywayss, yes ! Holiday is on now ! Me and my college friends decided to go to Seaworld Indonesia. Yup. Seaworld. Long time no visiting this place since i was a kid. Kind of nostalgic holiday haha.
After visited Seaworld we went to Ancol Beach City (Pantai Carnaval Ancol). Well actually, i rarely visit beaches, so i was amazed by the view of Ancol Beach (don't ask about the smell, haha, lol).

Fish feeding, this is very attracting many kids to watch.


Did you know that turtle population is threatened to extinct ? :(

The famous 'walking aquarium', haha.

Supre pink shirt - Pink Floyd T-shirt - unbranded legging - Nike shoes - Mika necklace

Wait for other holiday episodes ^^



  1. aaw seaworld reminds me of childhood bgt deh. btw, halooo! hahaha biasanya cm nongkrongin instagramnya doang skrg bs mampir di blog nya hihi. keep being keceee ya ;) btw nama lo dipanggilnya apaa?


  2. agree with you! that holiday is not about travelling around the globe!
    but btw i don't really like seaworld, gak terlalu suka kehidupan bawah laut :( its so scary for me -_-"

    This is real and This is me

  3. I love it when ppl decide to go to places like Sea World for vacay rather than uhm... malls? (oh wait, that's me HAHA). The photos are lovely and i like your neon kicks! <3

    Cheers from Jakarta,